Thursday, June 28, 2018

Why YouTubers Are BURNING out & BREAKING down | LONGEVITY Secrets by Bill Salus & Steve Cioccolanti

Published on Jun 27, 2018

šŸ”µYouTube's Top Creators are burning out & breaking down en masse. Why? How to cure and prevent it? There is an answer. While Bill Salus was in Melbourne, he and Pastor Steve Cioccolanti went to the countryside to shoot an up-close and personal interview. Sharing secrets of longevity and wisdom through years of being on TV and YouTube, they give hope to gifted artists who feel lost and want to know the meaning of life. You're going to get a lot out of it. ✅The first End-Time Conference video is now ready for replay on Vimeo: "The Climax of End Times Revealed in the Secrets of the Tabernacle" Article (warning profanity): ✅ JOIN Discover Church Online via Patreon: ✅ DONATE via PayPal: ✅ STREAM videos on demand: ------------------------------- šŸ”µ 4 BOOKS by PASTOR Steve CIOCCOLANTI (Amazon fastest for North Americans. Discover Ministries best quality & cheapest for all other nations) ✅ FROM BUDDHA TO JESUS (in 7 languages) ✅ THE DIVINE CODE FROM 1 to 2020 (out of stock) ✅ 30 DAYS TO A NEW YOU ✅ 12 KEYS TO A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD (Children's Book) ------------------------------- SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ FACEBOOK: ✅ INSTAGRAM: ✅ TWITTER: ✅ NEWSWARS: ✅ BLOG: ✅ AMAZON: ✅ BACK UP CHANNEL: -------------------------------- šŸ”µ MUSIC CREDIT: Original music made exclusively for Discover Ministries by world-class composer Tom Hanke. Check him out! -------------------------------- ✅ 4 STEPS TO JOIN DISCOVER CHURCH ONLINE: šŸ”µ 1) Follow us on Patreon and become a Patron: You will get audios, videos, posts and photos not shared on any other social media. šŸ”µ 2) Tithe to your home church and give offerings on Discover Church Online. Some Christians have been mistaught that tithing is not found in the New Testament, which is false doctrine: read Luke 11:42 and Hebrews 7:8. God teaches that the tithe (10% of income) is His and must be returned to the place that feeds you spiritually. If you reside in a geographical location without a Bible-teaching church, you may treat us as your online church. šŸ”µ Separate to tithes, you can sow offerings to any ministry that feeds you according to Galatians 6:6. Offerings can be any amount. We believe the $58 seed is prophetic. Contribute to God's ministry: šŸ”µ 3) Pray with and for Discover Ministries (Colossians 4:3, 2 Corinthians 1:11) Here are some model prayers you can start with: šŸ”µ 4) Spread Jesus, the Word of God, to your family and friends. YouTube links are one easy way. Books and DVDs are another way. Before giving Christian books or videos, first pray in faith for the people you want to be saved. For help refer to a model prayer from Pastor Steve’s life called “6 Steps” and use it right away! ✅ BE PART of an END-TIME NETWORK of like-minded believers who want to collaborate and have massive impact on the world online and offline. Join DISCOVER CHURCH ONLINE today! ------------------------------- ✅ Subscribe to our friendly E-NEWS ------------------------------- ✅ Your SUPPORT of this Christian ministry is GREATLY appreciated. šŸ”µ BTC (Bitcoin) 14Lh2uh4h18BMcZZYtVhgLsZSKtNponQYP šŸ”µ LTC (Litecoin) LYz6RoU83GqwE29vzp1o5rsvpTmpQuBWQZ šŸ”µ ETH (Ether) 0x42E1E6A8dDCaB5881c535e4e00C80173Ee266F84 šŸ”µ BCH (Bitcoin Cash) 1GDUknWd5Z1DJrQjfHQTYybQfWM9hXhRPt šŸ”µ CREDIT CARD GIVING ✅ By GIVING you become part of this important end-time ministry as we use technology & media to preach the Gospel, teach the Word & make disciples of Christ. ✅Watch the first End-Time Conference video on replay: "The Climax of End Times Revealed in the Secrets of the Tabernacle"

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