Thursday, June 28, 2018

Netanyahu Says Poland’s Retreat on Holocaust Law is Victory for ‘Truth’; IDF Strikes Hamas Arson Terrorists; Israel-UK Ties ‘Never Been Stronger’ - United with Israel

United with IsraelHamas Launches a Dozen Rockets at Israel; Does US Exit from UNHRC Help Israel? Football Legend Brings Message of Peace to Israel; Discover Israeli Coffee Culture! 
Netanyahu: Poland’s Retreat on Holocaust Law a Victory for ‘Truth’
WATCH: Prince William Says Israel-UK Ties Have ‘Never Been Stronger’
IDF Strikes Hamas Arson Terror Targets in Gaza
Hamas Launches At Least 12 Rockets; Iron Dome Intercepts 3 
WATCH: UK Chief Rabbi Discusses Prince William’s ‘Historic’ Visit 
What the US Pullout from UN Human Rights Council Means for Israel 
WATCH: Football Legend Milla Brings Message of Hope and Peace to Israel 
Israel and Indonesia, World’s Largest Muslim State, Scrap Mutual Ban on Tourist Visas 
WATCH: Discover Israeli Coffee Culture! 
Good News Israel! Arabs and Jews Celebrate at Sodastream; Muslims Fight Fires During Ramadan Fast; and More! 
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