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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Heidi Mund: Germany Being Destroyed by 'People of Darkness' - CBN News Dale Hurd

Heidi Mund: Germany Being Destroyed by 'People of Darkness'
CBN News Dale Hurd
FRANKFURT, Germany -- German Chancellor Angela Merkel famously said that Germany can handle millions of refugees.
But after five attacks in two weeks, most with some connection to immigration, and more attacks on the horizon, a lot of Germans are wondering what Merkel and her open-door refugee policy has done to Germany.
Some believe Merkel's political fate was sealed when she threw open Germany's doors to more than a million migrants and told the German people, "We can do it."
Now the approval rating for one of the most popular chancellors in post-war Germany has collapsed. It's less than half of what it was a little more than a year ago, down from 75 percent to 35 percent.
Dark People 'Want to Destroy Us'
Terrorism has now become a part of life in a nation that used to see very little. Almost daily terror attacks across Western Europe have an entire continent on edge. When someone shouted "ISIS" as a joke in Kosovo last week, a stampede injured 40 people.
A lot of Germans warned that Merkel was bringing disaster with her refugee policy, including the woman who awoke a lot of Germans to the threat of Islam, Heidi Mund, also known as the "brave German woman."
The video of Mund interrupting the call to prayer by a Muslim imam in a German cathedral went viral on the Internet. She shouted, "Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany. I break this curse."
Now, after a migrant influx, Mund says she believes that some German leaders want to destroy Germany.
"I believe, I am really convinced, there are bad people of darkness who want to destroy us. They are servants of the devil," she told CBN News. "They are sick in their opinion and they don't care if it will cost lives or not, it will be bloody or not. They want to destroy; they want to take over."
A Prophetic Dream Come True
Before the terrorism that hit Germany, before the massive New Years' Eve sex attacks in Cologne and other cities, Mund says God spoke to her about her country's future.
"God gave me a vision two times. I saw a human prayer chain standing around Germany. I spoke out a warning that the young Muslim men would increase the raping rate," she said. "I spoke out a warning, first to my brothers and sisters in Christ, that we need to pray against the raping. I told them we would face danger -- especially our children, our girls, our women."
She sent the warning to her followers on Facebook, and because of that, Mund was investigated by the local prosecutor for hate speech.
Then, what she warned of came true. Germany is now in the grips of what some are calling a rape epidemic. The hate speech charge again Mund has been dropped.
"It was not a lie. It's not hate speech. I don't have hatred in my heart," she said. "I love my people and also those refugees."
Mund says feels she knows Merkel because both grew up under communism in the former East Germany. Merkel was the daughter of a Protestant pastor.
But Mund had harsh words for Germany's chancellor.
"Who is Merkel? Who is she? I'm sorry. I have been a communist. I know who she is. I know who she is," she told CBN News. "For me, she is a wolf."
"And people who think she's a Christian? She would not destroy her country? She would not destroy her people here? She is doing it here, right now," she continued.
When Will It Be Too Late?
Germany is still controlled by a political correctness that casts opponents of immigration as Nazis and racists. But the right-wing party Alternative for Germany is now the third largest.
One of its leaders, Björn Höcke, told CBN News, "Chancellor Angela Merkel is throwing our country into disaster and with us, also Europe."
Höcke says he still considers Germany a Christian nation because of its Christian foundation, and he said Germany cannot integrate millions of Muslims because Islam is a religion that is stuck in the Middle Ages.
But the growing popularity of Alternative for Germany does not mean Germany is close to a turnaround. Merkel has doubled down on her refugee program, attacking opponents.
Mund told CBN News she now believes the future for Germany is chaos and war. But she would not say it is too late.
CBN News asked Mund when it will be too late.
"I will tell you when it is too late," she replied. "It is too late when God has given us up."
Watch report here: Germany report
*Dale Hurd also reported from Stuttgart and Erfurt, Germany, for this report.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brave German Woman's Stand Comes with Hefty Price

Brave German Woman's Stand Comes with Hefty Price

FRANKFURT, Germany -- American Christians are sometimes insulated from the high cost many believers around the world must pay for taking a stand for Christ. Heidi Mund, the woman known as the "brave German," is now experiencing this firsthand.
In 2013, when a Muslim imam was giving the Islamic call to prayer inside a historic German church, Mund stood up and proclaimed that"Jesus Christ is Lord of Germany."  
"I break this curse!" she yelled, warning the audience that what was happening was a lie. 
The YouTube video and our CBN News story were seen by millions, and soon Mund became known around the world.  
Although she does not want the credit, some believe what Mund did broke a curse over Germany, setting the stage for the massive street demonstrations against Islamization the following year by the citizens group Pegida.
"Some people tell me, 'Did you know you broke the curse over Germany?'" she said.
A Heavy Price
But today, Mund is paying a heavy price. Police patrols keep watch outside her home, and a far-Left radical group leafleted her neighborhood, telling residents they live next to a racist and threatening her with violence.
When she and her husband Matthias tried to start a Frankfurt chapter of Pegida, she came under intense attack in the media, and Mathias was fired from his job.
A local association of pastors distanced themselves from her, asking if Jesus would join a group like Pegida. 
And in a nation like Germany where loving your country and flag-waving patriotism is viewed with suspicion, Internet videos mock her as a Nazi.
What none of these people probably saw was what CBN News witnessed on a chilly street in downtown Frankfurt last year, where this alleged "Nazi" was setting up for her street ministry to give away Christian DVDs to anyone who would take them, but especially to Muslims.
"God uses me very often for Muslims," she told us. "It's our commission to give them the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can fill their hearts, the lack and the hole in their hearts. Only He can."
"And if they meet Jesus, accept Jesus in their lives as their savior and their Lord, the Holy Spirit will change them and they will not be our enemies anymore," she said.
But Mund has had to stop her street ministry and now lives in semi-isolation, going outside only when she has to. With no income, the Munds may lose their home.
Waiting on the Lord
She has since left Pegida, a group the German media portrays as Nazis but that Mund says is mostly ordinary people simply concerned about their nation:
"They say, 'Oh, we have the Nazis, we have the Nazis' and everywhere in the newspapers you can read about the Nazis, the Nazis, the Nazis," she said. "But this is like a balloon of lies."
"There are some, of course," she added. "But I believe most of them are honest and they really have this aim to protect Germany from this brutal ideology [radical Islam]."
Now she is waiting on the Lord and trusting God to see her through a very difficult period. 
"It could push us down and we could be depressed or discouraged, but Jesus is always Lord," she said. "Just hold on and walk in His ways."

Friday, January 30, 2015

Battle Is His: 'Brave German Woman' Draws Backlash

Battle Is His: 'Brave German Woman' 

Draws Backlash

Heidi Mund is a Christian German woman with a passion to stop the spread of radical Islam across Europe.

More than a year ago, Mund went to a church service where a Muslim imam was invited to give a call to prayer.

She shouted, "Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany; I break this curse."

Now, Mund, known as the "Brave German Woman," said she is facing backlash for her bold proclamation and her involvement with the group Passionate Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA).

Mund said she has been called a "nazi" for her affiliation with the group. On Monday, she said thousands of people showed up to protest the PEGIDA demonstration in Frankfurt.

"They threw eggs on us and tomatoes and firecrackers; it was really dangerous," Mund told CBN News.

Mund, a former atheist, said she is not afraid because God is with her.

Watch what she told CBN News' Charlene Aaron and why she is asking for your prayers.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Brave German Woman: Why Heidi Mund Rebuked Islam

Heidi Mund
- standing for Jesus in Germany

Brave German Woman: 

Why Heidi Mund Rebuked Islam

Heidi Mund, an atheist-turned-Christian, has gained global notoriety for standing up to Islam's creeping influence in her homeland, Germany.
Last November, when a Muslim imam was invited to give a call to prayer inside a historic German church, she stood and proclaimed "Jesus Christ alone is Lord of Germany," before shouting, "I break this curse."
Mund then repeated the words of Martin Luther in 1521, when he defended his belief in scripture alone:
"'Here I stand,'" she quoted Luther. "'I can do no other. Save the church of Martin Luther!'"
By publicly attacking the lie of Islam, she has placed her own life at risk. But Mund, who's become known on the Internet simply as the "Brave German Woman," explained she did it because she has a burden for the spiritual rebirth of Germany.
"Many people ask me, 'Are you afraid of the Muslims?' And I can only say, 'No, I'm not afraid of them,'" she told CBN News.
"I know my God, the living God of the Bible can protect for me for as long as he wants," she said. "When my time is over I will go to him."
Heidi Mund shared more about why she risked her life to take a public stand for Christ on "The 700 Club," March 25.
Watch video here: CBN News - The 700 Club