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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Be Rid of Them All - Now Think On This by Steve Martin

Be Rid of Them All
Now Think On This
Steve Martin

“You are not to curse God, and you are not to curse a leader of your people.” (Exodus 22:27, Complete Jewish Bible)

Amazing isn’t it how so many seem to know it all, especially when it comes to speaking out against those in leadership. They criticize our President for every move he makes; they rail at those who are called to serve in protection of our neighborhoods and cities; they decry the pastor for speaking a word that they simply can’t agree with because it stepped on their toes. Every office and place of employment has one or two who know it all, even about running the business they receive their income from, without knowing all the facts.

“Be rid of them all!” often seems to be the outrageous outcry from the masses, marching in every city in bellowing pride and prejudice. With angry words, evil deeds and ammo that kills both soul and body, they shoot the backs of those given the role of leading themselves and others.

How foolish we have become when we curse those whom the Lord has put in power to govern and lead. Yes, we have become very foolish.

If you say you believe the Bible, and adhere to its words, then the verse about cursing our leaders should be taken seriously. Are we so high-minded to think that the eternal God who had those words written were only for the Old Testament times? I think not.

Regretfully, while acknowledging my own sin in times past, I have had my moments of speaking out against a boss, a pastor, an elected official, and even the one who wrote my speeding ticket. Out of my own arrogance and lack of respect, more than once have I spoken against those whom I should have had more appreciation and honor towards. But in my own foolishness I didn’t. I can see now where it had come back to bite me, when I was then in positions of leadership myself.

Yes, over 30 years of administration and leading others has taught me a lot about being the head of the pack. Now I am not so quick to point and accuse those who reside in those places of directing if I am not in agreement.

Over the generations, this lack of respect for leadership has worked itself down further into our society. There are families whose children demonstrate very little honor for their parents, teachers, and other classmates. They treat many with disdain and disregard for the position they hold. Their lack of wisdom shows itself strong in many cases. In years to come this internal and external rebellion will wreak havoc on our society more so than it is now. Ultimately it will be to their own demise. The Bible is correct when it firmly states that you will reap what you sow.

In Hosea 10:12-14 we find truth in this:

“Sow with a view to righteousness, reap in accordance with kindness; break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord until He comes to rain righteousness on you. You have plowed wickedness, you have reaped injustice, you have eaten the fruit of lies. Because you have trusted in your way, in your numerous warriors, therefore a tumult will arise among your people, and all your fortresses will be destroyed…” (NASU)

I used to not pray for our leaders as much as I should have. Even though the Bible says that it will go well with us if we do, somehow that just doesn’t gel too much with many. It should if we really knew truth. Leading a tranquil and quiet life should be a desire of all.

“First of all, then, I urge that entreaties and prayers, petitions and thanksgivings, be made on behalf of all men, for kings and all who are in authority, so that we may lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity. This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.” (I Timothy 2:1-4, NASU)

Next time you have the urge to criticize and ridicule one who holds a place of leadership, I would encourage you to think again. Would you be so eager to curse and speak against another if you fully realized it is to your own harm? Having a righteous concern over a matter is one thing. Calling down the fire of God is a whole other matter.

Let us be wise in our understanding and what comes forth from our hearts and ultimately our mouths. Bless and curse not. Pray for those in leadership.

Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).

Now think on this,

Steve Martin
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Now Think On This #348 - in the year of our Lord 07.17.18 –Be Rid of Them All”, Tuesday, 4:20 pm

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Ryan Johnson: "Sons and Daughters: The Emerging Glory is Moving Upon the Earth!" THE ELIJAH LIST


Ryan Johnson: "Sons and Daughters: The Emerging Glory is Moving Upon the Earth!"

Aug 3, 2017

Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:
This is a sobering word by Ryan Johnson from Alabama and the state of where we are individually and in the Church. It will really get you thinking and offers an honest perspective.
As I read through Ryan's article, the word "Healing" came to me. That is what the whole of this article is about...receiving healing in areas you may need.
Ryan shares:
The Father is looking for sons who are ready to come back so that they may be able to be adorned in the attire of the Father. He is looking for sons, not servants. Those who can take on the identity of the Father that they may reveal the glory. The Emerging Glory is moving about the earth and those who will be obedient will release the goodness of God with fresh oil.
I encourage you to read this word, receive your God is going to pour out His glory mightily upon His sons and daughters. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News
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The evidence of glory is being established throughout many different regions and it will not come as a surprise to a lot of God's people. We will begin hearing the testimonies of healings and miracles and powerful stories of deliverances, restoration, and salvations. There's an Emerging Glory throughout our days ahead.
While many will linger in despair or doomsday words, there will be those who see the demonstration of the goodness of God. As God pours out of His abundance, the question becomes whether or not you will be added to or subtracted from. In the structure of God's glory you will see that in order to multiply, God often takes away.
"Why smell like smoke when you can glow in stature?"
He will pluck up those who refuse to replant – those who will receive but don't bear fruit. He will cut down an unfruitful tree in order to make room for a fruit-bearing tree. He will also prune the fruit-bearing tree (Ekklesia) in order to bring new growth. As this is the question: Will God have to remove you to move with His glory or will He be able to use you in the Emerging of Glory?
The Vision and Word
While spending time with the Lord, I was shown a vision of many individuals who at first seemed to be lost. They were almost in a state of wander. These individuals were in the woods walking and functioning as though everything around them was happening, and yet nothing was actually happening.
They were talking, walking, and moving about, but they were in a daze as if they were there in their body but not in their mind. As the vision was unfolding, I began to realize that although there were so many people, no one recognized that there were others. It was as if each person was in their own world functioning, but they were in the woods wandering through the territory. This went on for awhile until the moment that I asked the Lord to explain to me what I was seeing.
The LORD said, "Many have been enamored with the flame of My presence, but not engulfed within the pursuit of My glory. There are those who have become satisfied in the wilderness as they wander from place to place, looking to be captivated with the flame of My presence, but not willing to be obedient in My glory.
"They are functioning in everyday life, being everyday sons and daughters, but unwilling to do what is necessary for the revelation of My glory. They call unto the Body for unity, but wander aimlessly among the wilderness never to recognize that they themselves refuse to become one. Rather they stand alone, calling for the others to get in line, while they are refusing to come into order. (Photo via Pexels)
"They will continue to wander among the wilderness until they surrender their motives of rebellion. They proclaim to be lovers of My presence, but always unwilling to be submissive to those whom I have sent to be a help. They proclaim to be hungry for righteousness, but they have determined to walk as orphans among the trees.
"I am calling the sons and daughters out of the wandering and into My righteousness. I am calling upon those who will fight through the rebellion and yearn for My glory to be revealed. For now there is an emerging of glory rising among the Ekklesia in the nations of the earth. You will see coming to you what is owed to you."
ElijahList Prophetic Resources
The Brokenness
After seeing this and hearing the Lord speak concerning the state of many sons and daughters, my heart was immediately broken. From the words that He spoke to me, I sensed a sincere compassion for restoration. I know that it sounds strange, but those words caused my heart to grieve over those individuals. Even though the word from the Lord seems a bit harsh, there is a pure heart of restoration from the Father attached to each word.
The vision and the declaration are not to condemn these individuals. Rather, it is a call to recognize where you, me, or others could potentially be and make a choice to change. The word of the Lord is for the sons and daughters to be obedient in every way that we shall see the glory of the Lord in a way that has not yet been poured out upon the nations.
Broken But Not Destroyed
"Will God have to remove you to move with His glory or will He be able to use you in the Emerging of Glory?"
I see many of you have fought tooth and nail to get to the place where you are. Yet, you have found yourself a part of something that was birthed due to being forced into a situation. Meaning, you are doing what you're doing because someone did something to you that caused you to be exactly where you are. For example, I have noticed that there are many ministries which are the result of "church hurt".
Somewhere along the way you were in leadership, doing what God called you to do and a person (leader/member) did something that created a deep wound in your spirit. You left what you were doing and now you are leading the charge, making sure that no one ever hurts you ever again. You work hard to make sure that you don't structure things like the previous ministry and you always watch your back. Granted, not all ministries started out this way, but reality is some have. I believe it's something that we have to address as we look back at the above vision/word.
I hear it often, "We don't need a covering, God is our covering," or, "We don't have to be in alignment with anyone, as God is our alignment," and "Our accountability is one another, that's why we don't have any voices outside of this house."
I get it! Trust me, I get it. I have been lied about, manipulated by leaders, and the list could go on. In each case, I had to make the decision to walk through deliverance from unforgiveness, anger, bitterness, etc. It's so easy to allow the pain/hurt to now direct our motives before we ever recognize how far we have gone. That's why I believe this vision/word means so much to those who are leading ministries. It's critical that you recognize that an orphan spirit deceives you into believing that you don't need a covering over your personal life and ministry. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons)
"For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are the sons of God. For you have not received the spirit of slavery again to fear. But you have received the Spirit of adoption, by whom we cry, 'Abba, Father!' The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirits that we are the children of God, and if children, then heirs: heirs of God and joint-heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified with Him." (Romans 8:14-17)
From Wander to Wonder
An orphan spirit will convince you that you don't need anyone, because everyone is out to hurt you. You need to know that this spirit is lying to you! Throughout the Bible, accountability is a constant principle. God established order from the very beginning and still expects you and I to follow order.
Although you will encounter a season of wilderness, it is never the intent of the Father to abandon you there as you wander from place to place. God is calling you out of the wander and into His wonder. There is an order in the Kingdom of God and the Father requires us to be obedient. When we reject the covering that He has placed within us, we choose to be disobedient. Thus, setting ourselves up to be satisfied by the glimpse of fire, but not willing to pursue glory that comes beyond fire. I want to encourage you to seek the glory of God. As great as His fire is (and it is great), it is the glory that carries the abundance. 
Why smell like smoke when you can glow in stature?
Listen, only you know whether or not you have embraced an orphan spirit that has developed a lone-ranger mindset. If you have, be encouraged that the Father is calling upon you to repent and position yourself in the order of His purpose that ultimately produces all of His goodness to go before you (Exodus 33:18-23).
The Father is looking for sons who are ready to come back so that they may be able to be adorned in the attire of the Father. He is looking for sons, not servants. Those who can take on the identity of the Father that they may reveal the glory. The Emerging Glory is moving about the earth and those who will be obedient will release the goodness of God with fresh oil. (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Ryan Johnson
Ryan Johnson Ministries

Ryan Johnson is mantled in equipping the Body of Christ to Awaken the Nations with a Prophetic call of a rising Ekklesia. As a Revivalist, and Apostolic Minister, Ryan ministers with a prophetic voice of Revival and Awakening, with the demonstration of God's purpose in regions, individuals, and The Church. Ryan is a Spiritual Son to Prophet Ron Teal. 
Ryan is a member of New Breed Revival Network, and Impact International Apostolic Fellowship with Apostle Ryan LeStrange. Ryan and his wife Kristi live near Fort Payne with their four beautiful children.
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Friday, June 2, 2017

Mentoring Millennials Into Leadership Starts With These 5 Questions - JEREMY CHANDLER MINISTRY TODAY

Relationship is key when mentoring Millennials. (Pexels)
Dr. Steve Greene is now sharing his reflections and practical insights as a ministry leader on Greenelines, a new podcast. Listen at

Mentoring Millennials Into Leadership Starts With These 5 Questions

There will come a point in time in every Millennial's career when we move from being primarily executioners to leading teams and managing others. Whether you're a young pastor moving from a youth ministry role into a more administrative role or an account manager moving into a supervisor role, there will be a day when your primary responsibility shifts from doing the work ourselves to accomplishing the work through other people. However, as I've started making that transition in my own career, I've definitely learned the truth behind the idea that "everyone thinks leadership is easy until you become one."
I've had to face some challenging questions for the first time: How do I move from a "doer" role to a "manager" role? How do I change my mindset to effectively move from "hands on" role to one of directing and overseeing a team?
The short answer is... it's not easy. The paradox I'm learning is that answering those questions begins by asking another set of questions.
The Higher You Go, The Harder It Is to Define "Success"
When we start our careers in more of an execution type of role, it's easy to earn our stripes by what we can do. As we grow and get promoted, we start to get paid less for what we can do and more for what we know. The higher we go, the less defined our job description becomes. Our success depends on our ability to make other people feel powerful to get things done.
However, we still need something we can measure our work and effort by at the end of the day. That can be a challenge when our entire lives have been measured by meeting deadlines, cranking out projects. There's definitely a mental shift that needs to take place.
5 Questions to Help Millennials Grow into Leadership
How can Millennials know if we're being successful as we make the transition from doers to leaders? Here are 5 questions we can use to measure our efforts to determine, "Did I do what a leader should have done today?"
  1. Am I asking the right questions? Successful leadership isn't about having all the answers; it's about being able to find them by asking better questions.
  2. Am I listening for the best answers? We all know what it's like to work for "know-it-all leaders." The only way to avoid this is by disciplining ourselves to listen to the ideas of others.
  3. Am I taking time to think about our biggest problems and opportunities? This can feel weird, especially if we've been primarily in a "doer" role. It can feel lazy. However, this is an essential part of leadership. It's the leader's responsibility to look up and ask, "Are we even on the right road?"
  4. Am I effectively communicating the plan to our team and setting expectations? Successful teams are built on clear communication and direction. If we don't communicate the plan or set expectations, we force the team to make assumptions.
  5. Am I stepping back to evaluate the strategy and observe the impact? Evaluation and experimentation are two words that are an essential part of leadership vocabulary. Are the things we're doing working? Is our hypothesis right? Are the things we're doing moving us closer toward achieving our goals? These are the types of questions leaders ask.
A Word of Encouragement Before You Step into Leadership
Stepping into a leadership role for the first time isn't easy. It's a big shift from where we've been.
  • Do your best.
  • Be yourself.
  • Don't be afraid to say, "I don't know."
You're not in leadership because you have all the answers; you're in leadership because you're going to help solve problems. My hope is that after a couple of years of doing it, leading others will feel as natural for us as putting our clothes on in the morning.
What questions do you ask to ensure you are becoming an effective leader? 
Jeremy Chandler serves as a marketing manager at Pursuant, a fundraising agency serving the nation's leading nonprofits, faith-based ministries and churches. He and his wife, Mary, live in Nashville, Tennessee. If you're in the area, he jumps at any opportunity to connect with people over coffee.
This article originally appeared at
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Friday, December 2, 2016

Rick Joyner: Donald Trump Will Transform the US Government - JESSILYN JUSTICE CHARISMA NEWS

Rick Joyner at a book signing. (Rick Joyner/Facebook)

Rick Joyner: Donald Trump Will Transform the US Government

Join us on our podcast each weekday for an interesting story, well told, from Charisma News. Listen at

President-elect Donald Trump will turn the American economy around and transform the U.S. government, prophet Rick Joyner says.
"While accomplishing so much putting together such a quality team, and faster than any administration in recent history, he also had time to convince Ford and Carrier to keep their plants here, saving thousands of U.S. jobs even before taking office. He got more done over the Thanksgiving weekend than some presidents have in their first hundred days or longer," Joyner said in a Facebook post.
He continued: "Trump thinks like a leader, not a politician. He knows leadership, and he's picking a team based on competence, not political expediency and not even on loyalty. He obviously values loyalty very highly, but he rightly does not let it trump (no pun intended) competence. He is obviously intent on getting the best people for every position to do the best job for the country. With the momentum so great this fast we could very well be witnessing the beginning of the biggest transformation in government ever achieved. We could also see the greatest release of the U.S. economy.
"And this is just the warm-up—the game has not yet even started. Of course it is not realistic to think there will not be setbacks and challenges, but what has happened in just the last three weeks is most encouraging. It seems that this team could steamroll barriers that have stopped many others." 
Bloomberg has three suggestions for the Trump administration to ensure an economic boom:
1. Keep it simple.
"The government should take advantage of its low borrowing costs by doing more of the spending itself, especially on unglamorous tasks (such as road repair and improvement) that can be started quickly and offer good returns to taxpayers." 
2. Be prudent.
"Trump must set out and stick to a clear fiscal-stimulus plan—one that explains how the U.S. will control its budget deficits in the longer run. In effect, proposals to broaden the tax base and/or restrain spending on entitlement programs have to be part of any credible infrastructure plan."
3. Be accountable.
"Trump's plan should meet at least the same standard of (the 2008 stimulus package) transparency. Otherwise, corruption and cronyism will make it less effective and undermine future support for smart fiscal policy." 
3 Reasons Why you should read Life in the Spirit. 1) Get to know the Holy Spirit. 2) Learn to enter God's presence 3) Hear God's voice clearly! Go deeper!
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Tuesday, September 6, 2016


(c) Morris E. Ruddick
Our exploration of Jewish business secrets has observed that Jews think differently than most of their worldly counterparts. This different way that Jews have of thinking is reinforced from one generation to another, within Jewish culture.
Creativity is at the core of the way Jews think. God indeed is the Creator. God's nature is to create, innovate, build and multiply. The sequence of these factors -- to create, innovate, build and multiply -- also represent the core components of entrepreneurship. It should not be surprising then that Jews have become known as the people of business and discovery. It is the fruit of this different way of thinking. It is where Jewish business success begins.
The FBI sets a high selection standard for potential agents they train. They draw heavily from backgrounds in law, accounting and military leaders, because experience in these disciplines tends to produce a different, more systematic way of thinking. Jewish thinking tends to be more systematic, disciplined and proactive.
I've heard Peter Wagner comment that what distinguishes Jews in their thinking is that they think like God. I'd modify that by saying their way of thinking has been designed by God and reflects a process that aligns with His thoughts. The principles of the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, are the foundation for this alignment, engrained across generations in Jewish culture. It is what differentiates Jewish thinking from the rest of the world.
Stephen Pease's extensive research compiling "The Golden Years of Jewish Achievement" has observed that Jews are disproportionate achievers and contributors to civilization as we define it today. Caroline Leaf in her comparison of biblical truths and her own neuroscientific research has concluded that science is just catching up with what the Bible has espoused all along. In other words, Dr. Leaf affirms the dynamic observed by Mr. Pease that these disproportionate results have their root in the fundamentals guiding the way Jews think.
In the early 70s, after leaving a career in the Marines at mid-course and then spending a year at Oral Roberts University studying the Word of God, "retooling" my lifestyle and preparing for the call of God I was pursuing, the Lord led me then to get a masters degree at Oklahoma State University.
I wound up in a program that had a focus on research designs -- which I was surprised was part of the studies I had elected to pursue. I initially struggled with these additional courses, thinking I might have missed God. Then in the midst of my challenges with my graduate program, God unexpectedly and sovereignly gave me a gift in understanding research designs and statistics -- and told me He was changing my way of my thinking. It represented a systematic, disciplined and proactive way of problem solving. 
How basic that has proved to be in the way I simply looked at things. Yet how profound everything else has flowed from that. This approach to my thinking became the basis of my role over the years as a consultant, in problem solving, in creatively finding solutions and strategies to dilemmas being faced by the global clients I served. Yet, with this approach to problem-solving has been a discipline of daily Bible reading and annual scripture memorization.
What this parallels is the multi-faceted spiritual maintenance observed by the Jewish community. As it is written: "Tell the children of Israel, surely my Sabbaths you will keep. For it will be a sign between Me and you throughout your generations that you may know that I am the Lord who sanctifies you."
A well-known rabbi whose books have drawn great appeal to both Jewish and Christian audiences tells the story about several very successful Jewish entrepreneurs, who have become millionaires and more, and then well known as philanthropists. All were holocaust survivors, many losing most of their families to this travesty. Yet they were not crippled by their horrid experiences. With a culture that refuses to be broken and communities that support the gifts of their participants, they thought differently and overcame their toxic memories.
My wife, who spent many years in practice as a licensed psychotherapist is one of the more gifted counselors I've ever known. Her gift has helped many people, many of whom were brought out of the muck of their thinking. Part of Dr. Pease's observations is that we need to reprogram and bring under control the toxic input that shapes our standard, 21st Century way of thinking.
Contrary to many current medical conclusions that the brain cannot regenerate, Dr. Pease concludes that our thinking is the means by which we can regenerate our minds and even restore health. As it is written, it is by "the renewing of our minds." Abraham shaped his destiny and that of his descendants for the centuries to follow by believing what God spoke to him, in essence, embracing that which was not as though it were. Such thinking is the basis of faith.
While there are few who genuinely can presume to know how God thinks, as His ways are always higher than our ways, it is vital to understand and embrace the ways God has given to His people. Jewish wisdom states: "Listen well to my words, tune your ears to my voice. Keep my truth in plain view at all times. Concentrate! Learn it by heart. Those who discover these words live, really live body and soul. Be vigilant to watch over your heart. That is where life starts." 
Definers of Jewish Thinking
So, there are reasons that Jews think differently than most other people. The definers of what characterize Jews as a people begin within, in the way that Jewish community is designed.
The dramatic choice and the foundations are spelled out in the words of Moses. Speaking prophetically for God, Moses described the bottom line to the alternatives: "I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. So choose life that both you and your descendants may live." The choice of life begins with the thinking. Thinking determines the attitudes. Attitudes then guide behavior and the actions we take.
Jesus explained that what Dr. Leaf calls toxic thoughts will pollute the process. Undisciplined thinking is like a cancer that devours the true potential in not just an individual but the community and will affect the generations that follow.
Identity and Responsibility. Trans-generational community identity is the first differentiator affecting the uniqueness of Jewish thinking. Engrained within the Jewish mind-set is how success is viewed as one's role and responsibility as a part of the community. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, the community plays a key role in meeting the lower level needs of the physiological, safety, love and belonging.
This shared identity and responsibility functionally translates into a complete social system, a safe place, whereby the needs of its members are met in such a way that within the community there are no homeless, none who are left alone. Holocaust survivors and the elderly are honored and are cared for.
This functional community identity is more highly developed in Jewish culture than in most other cultures around the world. It reflects an assumed community responsibility. In the words of Moses: "If there is a poor man among your people, do not be hard-hearted but give generously to those in need." The significance of the community responsibility for the poor and needy among its members was also expressed as being tied to the heart of God by Isaiah. While there are many expressions of Judaism, all passionately come together in a shared identity by agreeing on: "Worshipping the God of Israel and helping the poor."
Cultural Moral Traditions and Protection. The instructions Moses gave on keeping the Sabbath represents a tradition that protects and sanctifies. To sanctify means to be cleansed from something that can impact or influence you in a negative way. It is a means of protection against the toxic described by Dr. Leaf. With that protection there comes a peace of mind.
A few years ago, during a working visit to Israel, I was having Shabbat dinner with a family of Jewish believers. I was sitting on a couch that looked out over the neighborhood and a fairly busy road. As the sun was setting and the Shabbat began there was an awesome conscious stillness in the environment around us. Hardly any cars were on the road. Most people were in their homes preparing for this weekly Shabbat meal with family and friends. These are traditions that honor God. Not only does the process strengthen the foundations for the community's faith in God, it provides a shield of protection that impacts both the attitudes and thinking of those who are a part.
Righteous Standards and Trust Society. At the core of any community will be shared beliefs and priorities. In a world in which compromise is defined by the degree at which it operates, higher standards represents a choice upheld by the community and those comprising it. A righteous standard determines how people in a community relate to one another. Without a righteous standard, there can be no trust society. A trust society is a safe place, whereby its members contribute to and foster the welfare of others, knowing that when you cast your bread upon the waters, it will return to you.
In previous sessions, we've noted the research done by Francis Fukuyama on trust societies. Dr. Fukuyama's conclusions are that high-trust societies do much better entrepreneurially than low-trust societies. It follows that creativity, innovation and bringing about increase are ways of thinking that will excel to a much higher degree in high-trust communities.
Gifts, Opportunity Enablers and Honor. Within Jewish trust communities is a system of mentoring. It incorporates identifying and nurturing the gifts of its members and enabling opportunity. This process begins early with the rites of passage of its young people, the bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs. Within the community, its members are blessed in order to be a blessing. This was the mandate God gave to Abraham. It begins with this shared identity, moral traditions and righteous standards. It involves the community's role in the final two steps of Maslow's hierarchy of needs whereby esteem and self-actualization become entwined with one's identity in the community.
When these factors function as they were designed in the writings of Moses they become a system of honor that combines the enhancement of the destinies of its members into the destiny of the community. These are the foundations of how Jewish thinking is designed to be cultivated within the community, from one generation to another.
The Impact of Jewish Thinking
However, with their identity entwined in the mandate God gave their forebear Abraham, the destiny of these people of God is designed to have an impact on the rest of the world. God told Abraham that through his descendents all the peoples of the earth would be blessed. Whether it has been liked or not, whether it has been embraced or not, Jewish thinking is shaped by this destiny. To the degree that this destiny has manifested to the outside world reflects the degree by which Jews have been described by Mr. Pease as disproportionate achievers and contributors to society.
God-Dependency and Self-Sufficiency. The process within the community of being a people who operate with God so much at the center, that they become God-dependent, results in a community self-sufficiency. The challenge over the centuries has been the urge to assimilate, to be like the societies around them. However, when the God-dependency and self-sufficiency is functioning according to the design, it will result in them becoming a light and a blessing to the societies around them. At least in part, it is because their thinking is not polluted by the toxic influences of the world.
The differences in beliefs, the way the community takes care of themselves and the way Jews think will be quickly observed within environments in which people are out for themselves. It reflects the character of Jews as they are seen as a people. It is a cultural foundation that then translates into service and leadership.
Service and Leadership. Jesus articulated a very Jewish concept to His followers about leadership. He noted that without God, leadership is about the conduct of personal power. However with God, leadership is about service. Along these same lines, Jesus gave focus to another very Jewish matter, the Kingdom of God. He outlined principles of the Kingdom and how to apply righteous power in corrupt settings. At the core of these instructions was the premise that true leadership and influence came by means of service and faithful stewardship of one's responsibilities. It is the manifestation of the Jewish way of thinking.
Joseph the Patriarch, having been sold into slavery in Egypt, demonstrated this faithful service orientation and in each of the three stages of his tenure in Egypt, it brought him promotion into leadership. In the process, it is written, that everyone around him observed the reality of God operating through Joseph. When promoted to work alongside Pharaoh, Pharaoh's response targeted Joseph's way of thinking, not only that it was unusually wise, but that Pharaoh discerned as coming from God.
Authority, Influence and Power. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has always been a God of infinite power. He is the Creator. He who formed the heavens and laid out the foundations of the earth is no less powerful today than when He parted the sea or when He answered the defilement of His people with fire from heaven.
Returning to the example of Joseph, during each of the three stages of his time in Egypt something unusual happened. When Joseph was but a slave in Potiphar's house, with no status or position, Potiphar observed the authority of God operating through Joseph. His response was to entrust Joseph with his authority as administrator over his household. The same thing happened when through no fault of his own that Joseph was put into prison. The jailer began observing the authority of God that operated through Joseph, due to Joseph's different way of thinking and operating. The result was the jailer entrusting Joseph with the responsibilities of overseeing the rest of the prisoners. So it was when Pharaoh was exposed to Joseph's way of thinking. Joseph's God-thoughts were ascribed to God. The outcome was Joseph being promoted to administer the resources throughout the entire land of Egypt.
A Different Way of Thinking with Purpose and Action
Jesus spent entire nights in prayer, aligning Himself with the heart and thoughts of God.  He then gave a very dramatic illustration that gives insight into how Jews think. Jesus said that whoever comes to Him and hears His words and does not act on them is like a man building a house without a foundation. When the flood comes, then the house is destroyed. The foundation to the thinking takes root in the doing.
Time spent in prayer with a listening heart is time in which God's people are able to align themselves with the heart of God. This alignment will change the thinking of those seriously pursuing this level of prayer. However, as the change of thinking takes place, so then does the way of acting on the alignment brought about by the prayer.
In our hometown is a Vietnamese man who in the early 1990s fled his country by boat, seeking a better way of life. He wound up in an Indonesian refugee camp, in conditions of squalor. Because he spoke English and initially to alleviate the boredom, he became an interpreter for a Bible teacher who visited the camp. He relates that despite initially not understanding the principles he was interpreting, he eventually began understanding the ways of God. He describes his response to applying these ways, within these very humble circumstances, as being the happiest he had ever been.
The process resulted in him becoming a man of prayer. Then when the refugee camp was disbanded and he was returned to Vietnam, the uncertainty of what lay before him became a serious matter of prayer. He began acting on the truth that God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mine.
As it happened, this was the time in the late 90s when the US Secretary of State came to Vietnam and relations between the two nations were being restored. Part of the agreement made during that visit of State was for the US to grant green cards (a work permit and the first step toward citizenship) to 250 of a very long list of Vietnamese seeking to immigrate to the US. Our friend was one of those selected.
There is something in the Jewish model of processing thought that brings definition to one's identity, develops one's gift and sets before them a destiny that is bigger than the span of their years. It dovetails with the culture and the community which reinforce and supports both the goal of its individuals and the community to do something more, something greater that extends beyond the generation at hand.
Community as God defined it becomes the foundation for nurturing the way its members think and interact. It defines and hones the purpose and meaning of its members as the role of each is honored and nurtured and melded into the aggregate bigger picture. Then with prayer, the standard and traditions that strengthen the alignment with God and gives strategy and wisdom to the thoughts of its members, God's people are then primed to become people of action, each employing their unique gifts to bless those around them and in so doing, contributing to their mutual destinies.
As it was written to the descendants of Abraham, the children of Jacob: "Seek the Lord and His strength. Seek His presence continually. Remember the works He has done, His wonders and the judgments He has pronounced."
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