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Ahava Love Letter - “No Rejection”

Ahava Love Letter

“No Rejection”
“For the sake of His great name, the Lord will not reject His people,
because the Lord was pleased to make you His own.” (1 Samuel 12:22)

Dear family of friends,

Most of us know of rejection. We understand, and have felt the pain of, this hurtful emotion. When carried out beyond the soulish realm into the physical arena, it can be devastating. I would think that all of us have experienced it at the receiving end at one time or another, in soul and body.

In 1 Samuel 12:22, quoted above, the prophet Samuel delivered a message to the nation of Israel at the end of his life. He prophesied that the Lord would not reject them as His people. After what they had already gone through, in deliverance from Egypt and the ongoing battles against surrounding peoples, this had to be a great word to hear. To know that the living God would not reject you, for His great name’s sake, was one promise to hang onto.

I am trusting it also can be a promise for those of us who are grafted into the spiritual vine, as believers, whether Jew or Gentile.

As we stand on the Lord’s promise to cover our back, and our front, even in the midst of false accusation, we can face the enemy and defeat him, not only on our behalf but for others who need our strength and support.

A primary purpose of the ministry of Love For His People is to stand with those who daily face worldwide rejection and the onslaught of the enemy, primarily our Jewish brothers and sisters in Israel. We already know that the Lord stands with them - just the fact that Israel and the Jewish people are still around today is proof enough. But we are also called as believers to stand with them, those living in Israel, as they hold claim to the Promised Land given to them.

Love For His People is committed to stand with His chosen ones, and will hold to His eternal word that “for the sake of His great name, the Lord will not reject His people, because the Lord was pleased to make you His own.”

I know many of you share this heartfelt commitment also. In my communications to friends in Israel, I know they appreciate it very much indeed. I also am aware that they continually need our prayers, encouragement, and financial help as never before.

We appreciate and thank you who have faithfully shared in this ministry of prayer and financial support for Jewish believers. Please consider sending a gift today to that end. When we hold up their hands, the Lord Yeshua promises to hold up ours.

Ahava to my family of friends,

Steve Martin


Love For His People, Inc. truly appreciates your generous support. Please consider sending a monthly charitable gift of $5-$25 each month to help us bless Messianic Jews in Israel. You can send checks to the address below. Todah rabah! (Hebrew - Thank you very much.)
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Ahava Love Letter #30   Origianl published date: Aug. 16, in the year of our Lord 2011 

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