Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Time for 'financial Zionism', urges Israeli basketball star

Time for 'financial Zionism', urges Israeli basketball star
Time for 'financial Zionism', urges Israeli basketball star
American-born former Israeli basketball star Tal Brody is urging fellow Israelis and supporters of the Jewish state around the world to combat the destructive BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement with what he calls "financial Zionism."

In a column for the Times of Israel, Brody notes that while Israel's hi-tech sector and large corporations are doing well on the global scene, small Israeli businesses are suffering at the hands of those of Israel's critics that want to punish her for perceived injustices against the Palestinians.

"It is a phenomenon that cannot be trivialized, because literally thousands of Israeli jobs could be lost should the tide not be reversed," writes Brody.

Brody, who is today a Goodwill Ambassador for Israel, says the solution, in addition to advocating for Israel, is to "buy blue and white." By purchasing Israeli-made goods from Israeli suppliers and retailers, the BDS movement can be effectively opposed and even neutralized.

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