Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle" - television series (13 part)

"Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle" (2005)
Experience what some have called the modern miracles of Israel through the eyes of a seasoned journalist, Michael Greenspan, and explore the question: why has Israel survived against all the odds? This 13 part dramatic television series, appropriately tilted, "Against All Odds: In Search of a Miracle", takes a fascinating journey into the documented stories of supernatural phenomenon, which birthed and preserved modern Israel. Eyewitness accounts and commentary by high ranking government officials, generals, soldiers, foreign leaders and rich dramatic recreations compel the audience to ask, are these events miracles? You decide...

Movie: Against All Odds

Jerusalem - capital of Israel

Journalist Michael Greenspan

British General Allenby entering Jerusalem Old City 
through the Jaffa Gate - 1917

Prophet Haggai

Survivor of airplane terrorist attack

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