Saturday, August 17, 2013

All in the Timing

It is time.

"The first thing God spoke to me concerning your word is this – You are going to start seeing the car beginning to go faster. God began telling me this earlier as I was asking God, “What does that mean, the car is going to go faster.”

God said, “Things are going to start moving in a higher speed. Your life has been almost slowed, Things have been at a slow pace. It is almost as if slow, as in getting your hands on things, slow in the progression of different things, but God says the speed is going to begin to get faster.”

I literally saw in the spirit that God Himself was putting His foot to the gas pedal and all of a sudden God says, “Accelerate.”

Your word of the Lord is “Acceleration is happening. It is speedily, it is beginning to quickly happen. Even concerning your life, you are going to begin to be trained, and for some reason, there is a season of Divine appointment of teaching, training, knowledge, learning.  Knowledge is power. I want to be able to infiltrate my Word, My definition, My Spirit into being, to begin to teach you, train you, show you.

There is a man of God in you that has been launched out but he hasn’t even seen the fullness of him yet. You haven’t seen the fullness of who you are yet. You are going to be able to see you, in the mirror, recognizing, noticing that you are a man with a plan. Understand that you have a plan in your life. You are not here just to praise Me, just to do this, you are not here just to do that, you are not here just to work.

Your lifestyle is a man that has a plan and a strategy.  And not a plan to fail but a plan to infiltrate the earth with a Kingdom message.  Whatever that looks like, concerning business, job, church – no matter what it looks like – infiltrate society by being who you are called to be, and the Kingdom of God will advance, quick, when you begin to manifest the things I put in your spirit. So what goes into a man will come out of a man.

I am teaching, I am educating, I am training. God kept telling me over and over again, “Schooling, schooling, schooling. You are at a place where I am taking you, I am taking those around you, those even within your family, to a higher level, to a higher plane.
God says, “Educate, empower yourself. It is the school of the Holy Spirit. I am launching you out in this season so you will know what to do, what to say, and you will always be on in movement. Did you hear what I just said? You will be on time in movement so that you will begin to know that you are ready in season, you are ready out of season, you won’t be taken by surprise, or caught by surprise.

Son, it is time for you to move on. It is time for you to move on and progress in something new. What you have been working with your hands on for a while concerning, I don’t know if it is job, or just the lifestyle what you have been doing recently, but God says that is beginning to change,  for I am causing you to put your mind and your hand to something else .

Yes, to something else, for there is going to be a new refreshing, of a brand new you, a brand new work, a force coming into to play with you. You are going to start demonstrating and literally begin to bring forth to the surface a brand new working skill in you of the things you need to be doing within your life.

I am rearranging and I am changing the way you have been moving, your habits, your patterns. I am rearranging and I am changing and I am moving you into a new pattern in your life. You will quickly see, quickly see, that some things will begin to pass away and God is going to make them new again.

You will begin to see that some things will begin to die, some things will begin to come to life,  in a new area, in a new arena that you have not done before.  It is time for you to get new education, new knowledge, be put through the school  of the Spirit and begin to grab a hold of the new thing that I am going to do with you concerning a new working mentality”, says the Lord. 

The new working mentality and the new pattern of acceleration is literally going to be where your anointing is. For some reason I felt in my spirit as if your call and your anointing has been locked up for season. And this is why I say it to you.

I don’t know what you are doing exactly right now in your life, and what you do you are good at it. Everything you’ve been doing you’ve always put God’s heart into it, but the Lord showed me that that season has been over. God says you are on overtime and I want you to shift into the dawning of a new day. Shift into a new work force, a new work place, a new working of who you are. That is your elevation. It is your time for promotion.

That is going to be your promotion, is moving into the new. And when you move into the new and move into the now, God says that is when you are going to start seeing this new anointing and this new knowledge, begin to increase in you and to put you where you need to be in your life,” says the Lord. 

Brother I  hope this ministers to you because most of the time, as you know, I will go, “Thus says the Lord” but I felt for you that every time I begin to prophesy, “Thus sayeth the Lord” that God began to shift me into educating you on what is going to be happening in  your life. And I tell you brother that I know sometimes that you think sometimes that you are going round and round, like a broken record, so to say, but I felt as if it is time for you to shift and move on.

I don’t know what that looks like exactly; I don’t know if it is a workplace, I don’t know if it is just a pattern in a working that you are doing within your life style, but it’s like God is saying it is time to move on into something new.

I don’t tell it to everybody, because everybody needs to move on, but I felt as if there is a new you coming to the scene in this hour. So I want to encourage you in that.

Also I will encourage you with the schooling process.   I don’t know what it is with you as well but it is a schooling process coming that God wants you to educate yourself on.   

I don’t know what it is, but there is a schooling for you, that God wants you in the school of the Spirit, that God wants to teach you and train you. The main thing that I want you to grab hold of in this schooling process is learning the voice of God.

I don’t know what it is about you but it is like God says I want to teach you and train you how to hear My voice.  He wants to teach you and train you to hear His voice and also how to speak His voice.  That is a big thing that God is going to move you into.

I want you to pray about that as well. He wants to teach you and train you about His voice. It is very imperative that you begin to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd the way that God wants you to. That is what I really felt. That is one of the struggles I felt as if you have been having recently. So pray about that as well brother."

Aug. 8, 2013


 verb \-lə-ˌrāt\

Definition of ACCELERATE

transitive verb
: to bring about at an earlier time <accelerate their departure>
: to cause to move faster <accelerated his steps>also : to cause to undergo acceleration
a : to hasten the progress or development of <accelerate our efforts>
b : increase <accelerate food production>
a : to enable (a student) to complete a course in less than usual time
b : to speed up (as a course of study)
intransitive verb
a : to move faster : gain speed <the car slowly accelerated>
b : growincrease <inflation was accelerating>
: to follow an accelerated educational program
— ac·cel·er·at·ing·ly adverb

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