Monday, December 15, 2014

Army Chaplain Punished for Sharing His Faith

Army Chaplain Punished for Sharing His Faith

CBN News 12.12.14

A chaplain in Georgia is under fire for talking about his Christian beliefs in an Army suicide prevention training session.

On Nov. 20, Army Chaplain Joesph Lawhorn spoke about his struggles with depression and how he used the Bible to overcome the problem.

One of the soldiers at the seminar complained to an atheist group about the presentation.

CBN News Military Correspondent Chuck Holton explains some of the struggles of being a Christian in today's military. Click player for more.

That complaint led to a letter of concern from Army Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade Commander Col. David G. Fivecoat saying he "advocated for Christianity" and that he used Christian scripture and solutions, which violates Army regulations.

But Michael Berry, the attorney representing Lawhorn, accused the person who filed the complaint of exploiting the chaplain's vulnerability.

He's also requested the Army rescind the letter of concern, saying it violated Lawhorn's constitutional rights.

"Not only is it lawful for a chaplain to talk about matters of faith and spirituality and religion in a suicide prevention training clas, but the Army policy encourages discussion of matters of faith and spiritual wellness," the Liberty Institute attorney told Fox News.

"The fact that one person in the class was offended changes nothing," Berry said.

Watch the video: CBN - Chaplain News

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