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In My Dream Bob Jones Said: "I Told You Guys What You Should Do! Come On, Guys!" GloryGrace "GG" Barden

In My Dream Bob Jones Said: "I Told You Guys What You Should Do! Come On, Guys!"
GloryGrace "GG" Barden, Tampa, FL
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With comments by Steve Shultz

Steve Shultz: At the time of this dream, November 29, 2014, GloryGrace "GG" Barden is 20 years old and a newlywed. God gives her vivid prophetic dreams on a regular basis. I know her and her family from years ago and have watched as "GG" went from a preteen to marry the man of her dreams. Read slowly and carefully now as GloryGrace relates her dream about Bob Jones, which was meant for spiritual fathers in the Body of Christ!

Dream from "GG" on November 29, 2014:

In my dream, I saw a group of men. They were called "The Prophets." There were maybe 10 to 12 of them, all standing together in a loosely formed line, with each dressed nicely in suits. They ranged in ages from being in their late-40s/early-50s to their mid-to-late-70s, basically like a group of fathers and grandfathers.

I was told that some of the men who were present were known by the world, but only because of the ministry of their sons. However, it was only the fathers of these prominent people who were present in the group.
Steve ShultzIn front of this group of fathers was one older man, who was pacing back and forth. I recognized immediately that it was Bob Jones. He looked a bit frustrated with the men, but at the same time he was encouraging, like a loving father, handing out a dose of correction. (Photo: Bob and Bonnie Jones)

In this dream, I knew that Bob Jones had written a very important book, and each chapter was written to one of the prophets individually. As Bob paced back and forth, he went on and on, saying:
"I gave you the word! I gave you the book! I told you to read the chapters! I told you where you would fail! Where you would succeed! And I told you guys what you should do! Come on, guys!"
It was like they hadn't read the book, and they were now failing in their endeavors, even though he had already told them exactly where they would fail.

As I said, I knew that Bob Jones had written a very important book, and each chapter was written to one of the prophets individually. And, in each chapter of Bob's book, a very prophetic word that spanned over their entire life was described to the detail. Each prophet had been given a Biblical character to represent in the modern days. That's where the dream ended, and I knew I had to immediately write this down.

GloryGrace (GG) Barden

GloryGrace (GG) Barden is 20 years old and is currently living in Tampa, Florida. She is a lover and worshipper of God. She is blessed to be in her first year of marriage to an amazing worshiping warrior named Timothy.

December 19, 2014
In My Dream Bob Jones Said: "I Told You Guys What You Should Do! Come On, Guys!"
GloryGrace "GG" Barden, Tampa, FL
With comments by Steve Shultz
Steve ShultzFrom the desk of Steve Shultz:

I first met GloryGrace (she also goes by "GG") in Germany years ago when she and her parents were visiting Germany from the United States to attend our Elijah List conference held in Speyer, Germany.

It's not hard to figure out how and why God would begin to birth very vivid and extremely specific dreams in GG. Her parents are complete God-seekers! Just newly married, GG contacted me a few days ago with this dream about Bob Jones.

I immediately knew this was a word for the Body of Christ, and I received GG's permission to publish her dream with my comments. She was happy to have this published.
You're going to receive a real encouragement and exhortation from the Lord through this dream about Bob Jones.

Steve Shultz

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Commentary and Interpretation 

From Steve Shultz:

In this dream from the Lord, God is using the life of the prophet Bob Jones (who went home to the Lord on February 14, 2014) to speak "as a book" in this Word. God even made certain that He pictured Bob Jones the way Bob actually was – both "encouraging, like a loving father," but also "handing out a dose of correction," which Bob Jones used to regularly do!

"The Prophets" in this dream are literally today's prophets and prophetic voices; but in this case, it is MOSTLY for those who are between their 40s and their 70s. These are the spiritual and literal "fathers and grandfathers" to the younger generation. Bob Jones tirelessly sowed into the younger generation, spending great amounts of time teaching and training and discussing God, the Word and the Gospel, and all things about Jesus Christ.

As those he trained grew older, they too became spiritual fathers to many, just like Bob was for them. About the time many of these men (and women too, I believe) were coming into the very fruitful years as spiritual fathers, God took Bob Jones home and these men were left without this spiritual giant.

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I believe that this year, 2014, has been a transitional year where men and women have had to deal with the passing of Bob Jones and have spent some months coming to the understanding that now THEY are the fathers in place of Bob Jones (literally); and for others who never knew Bob Jones, this word simply speaks that this generation of spiritual fathers has NOW, THIS YEAR, taken their seats as patriarchs in the Body of Christ.

"Did You Learn to Love?"

Early in Bob's ministry, God took Bob on a trip to Heaven and gave him a glimpse of what it would be like when he finally returned to Heaven permanently. The question God was asking every Believer in Christ was, "Did you learn to LOVE?"

This became a life message for Bob, and it is the DNA that he tried to pass down to his spiritual sons. Beyond that, Bob gave many varied warnings and exhortations to all those he trained about "how to walk in the Spirit" and "how to train up the next generation". (Photo via Pinterest)
I personally recall Bob saying how many of us spiritual fathers would help "pass out water" as great revivals were held in open fields. In other words, we would be a generation of "servant fathers" to the youthful generation God was raising up next.

Just like our friend Bob, in this dream, was frustrated saying, "Come on, guys! I told you what you needed to do and warned you what not to do" (paraphrased). "Come on!"

This shows that while Bob may literally be praying in Heaven and encouraging spiritual fathers today from Heaven, the LORD HIMSELF (who created the Bob we knew and loved), is saying, "COME ON GUYS! I've told you what to do with YOUR spiritual sons. You need to get at it!"

When a dream like this from the Lord emerges, one must ask first and foremost, "Why was this dream necessary? What are we missing? What would Bob say if he were here today? What is the Lord encouraging me to do...that I already know?"

Bob Jones never wrote his own book, though many of his words were recorded in other books or short revelations were transcribed and put into booklets. But Bob's LIFE was to build up the Body, to train those younger than himself, and to encourage those in ministry who were really going through hard times. Bob lived to BUILD UP THE BODY OF CHRIST.

Through this dream, I believe the LORD is saying to spiritual fathers, "I sent YOU fathers to help YOU. They told you how you might fail and how you would succeed. Fathers like Bob told you what to do AND KEEP DOING. And I sent many other fathers to help to tell the prophets what they should do AND KEEP DOING. 

Now you need to not just do those things you've been taught – but you need to keep training your sons and daughters, and DO NOT STOP TRAINING THEM UNTIL YOU COME HOME TO BE WITH ME!" (Photo of Bob Jones)

Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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