Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What the Spirit is saying to the Pastors of the USA

What the Spirit is saying 

to the Pastors of the USA 

by Tim Truesdale

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Good Evening Pastors.
I love you.
You have sacrificed so much to accept the calling that I have set before you. Many of you have worked 2 or even 3 jobs to be able to afford the opportunity to care for My people.  You have done construction, cleaning jobs, flipped hamburgers, and taken all manner of jobs far beneath your potential.
Your families have felt pressure on every side as you have stuck up for the low road as the best road as best you could.  They feel the weight of this calling as much as you do, and that compounds the weight on your shoulders.
You have watched as petty church politics has sucked the life out of My church.  As my people position for the best seats, the prominent positions, and the popularity contests.
I have seen your loneliness, I have felt your pains, I have watched every time a sheep has broken the skin and drawn blood.  And you have bandaged it up and jumped right in again - because I asked you to.  I have washed away every tear.
I have seen the shortcuts you have been tempted with, and the many ways you have remained faithful to the covenants that you have made.
Your Hard Work
You have worked so hard for Me.
Despite your best efforts, deep inside you know that something is missing…
Whatever you felt "called to" and made those 1000 sacrifices, it wasn't for this.  Was it?
Do you remember how you felt when you understood the arc of salvation in the Biblical narrative for the first time?  Do you remember how you quivered in preaching class, amazed that you didn't actually die, and actually saw your professor touched by your message - dabbing a heartfelt tear out the corner of his eye?  Do you remember how you used to cling to faith in My love - because that was literally the only security you felt in your life?
Do you remember how it feels to work at memorizing a Bible verse, and to actually be able to use it in a key moment?  Do you remember what it feels like to sob over a stillborn baby or to fight back the nausea as you step up to speak to grieving relatives at a funeral?
I See and I Remember
I remember what it felt like when you learned to study the Bible for yourself, and when you led your first Bible study, and led a person to Me for the very first time.
I know you are hurt.  I know you are scared.  I know you feel hard inside - when you allow yourself to feel at all.
I see how overburdened you are.  All I ever wanted for you was love.  Nothing more and nothing less.
I am shaking the foundations of this nation.  You have felt the rumblings growing closer.
Very soon the storm will reveal what is connected by My true love, and what is patched together by duty and obligation.  The storms will rage and every flaw in your house will be exposed.  Do not think that my love and honor for your calling will hold back the truth.  I love my people too much to let them slide.
Let us come together again, My pastor!  Let us dance again for the Love for My Word and my quiet Presence.
What do you have to lose?
Let us come together and share Love!
Tim Truesdale

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