Friday, November 2, 2018

How Israel got Nukes! | Conversation with the Devil! - Ron Cantor

How does the enemy move in the lives of leaders? He uses our flesh against us, by planting seeds of mistrust, jealousy and division. "I can give you thousands of success stories where I used jealousy, pride, miscommunication and gossip to destroy congregations. I would tell assistant leaders, 'You should be in charge! The senior leader doesn’t appreciate you. You should have your own congregation.’"
On the night before He would be crucified, Yeshua was deeply concerned about how the disciples would handle His surprise death. He knows they will be confused and will scatter. The disciples are expecting that any day Yeshua is going to take over Israel and they will be given authority to rule and reign with Him. But they have no idea what is about to happen—and that is Yeshua's greatest concern.
I am thrilled to announce that our dear friend, Paul Wilbur, is joining the list of anointed guests for our upcoming ‘Israel, the Church and the Coming Revival’ conference! Paul will also host a free benefit concert on Sunday evening, November 18th. The proceeds will go to support Tiferet Yeshua, our congregation in Tel Aviv. Please register for free at:

Excitement is building over this gathering and we have a growing expectation that God is going to meet us in Fort Worth, Texas!

See you there!

Ron Cantor, Conference Host
In his book, No Place for Small Dreams, former Israeli Prime Minister, Shimon Peres, shares story after story of achieving the impossible for the new state.He overcomes insurmountable odds to safeguard Israel. But no story is as dramatic and improbable than the one of how he was able to take Israel nuclear in 1960.
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