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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Our daughter Hannah Elizabeth is 30!

Hannah Elizabeth Martin
January 29, 2014
30 years old!!!

    Hannah Elizabeth Martin - 1991

Thirty years ago this day,
On the 29th of January;
From heaven above He sent
His Hannah Elizabeth to us.

Since that first day in our home,
She has been a delight in our eyes.
Smiling, laughing, sharing her words, 
A mighty woman of God for sure.

We bless our daughter Hannah
With His guidance and His love,
As she raises her own family now
With passion and heart from above.

Happy birthday Hannah!
We love you so much!
Keep seeking the Lord and His,
For all those you touch!

With our eternal love,
Dad & Mom

Hannah, Christen and Zoe - 2008

Hannah and nephew Jensen - 2008
Hannah, Josh, Ben & Christen - 2010

Jonathan and Hannah - 2012

    Hannah & Jonathan - 2013 engagement

    Oct. 12, 2013
    Hannah and Dad

Wedding Day - Oct. 12, 2013

Hannah 2014

Monday, October 14, 2013

Jonathan & Hannah Avalos Wedding & Reception Photos Video - Oct. 12, 2013

Jonathan & Hannah (Martin) Avalos 
- Married Oct. 12, 2013

Wedding cake by Mary Ann Blade

Unity candle - Hannah's Grandpa Otto Unzicker's Bible

Bible turned to 1 Corinthians 13

Centerpiece on each table for reception

Napkins at each seat for guests

Hannah & Jonathan with her siblings - 
Christen Blade, Josh and Ben Martin

Hannah and Jonathan with full  Martin family

Married couple with parents
- Steve & Laurie Martin, Grace Avalos

Married couple with Hannah's grandparents
- Lila Martin Parker and Bill Parker,
Lorraine Unzicker (Laurie's Mom)

Bridal party

(L-R) - Becca, Persida, Tabitah, Christen, Hannah


Reception area on Main Street at MorningStar

Thank you Lord! Mazel Tov!

Wedding Ceremony - Jonathan and Hannah (Martin) Avalos! - main ceremony video

Hannah (Martin) and Jonathan Avalos

Congratulations Hannah and Jonathan! 
We love you!
Mazel Tov!

Dad & Mom Martin

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Daughter Hannah and husband Jonathan Avalos Wedding!

Hannah and Jonathan!

Heritage International Ministries
(home of MorningStar)

Laurie (middle) with Mom and sister Linda

Laurie and Mom 
- Lorraine Unzicker

Cake by Mary Ann Blade!

Beautiful setting for all weddings!

Unity candle and Bible

Laurie's father Otto Unzicker's Bible
- opened to 1 Cor. 13.

Oldest son Josh Martin with his three sons
- (L-R) Logan, Jensen, Daniel 

Our good friends Michael & Mary Ann Blade
(Cakes by Mary Ann!!)

Married couple with son Payton
and Jonathan's Mom Grace Avalos

Jonathan and new grandson Payton

Our family - Mom & Bill Parker, 
and our four children - Josh & Chelsie and 4 kids, 
Ben, Hannah and Christen

Our four children with new son-in-law Jonathan

Our children: Christen, Josh, Hannah, Jonathan and Ben

Chelsie Martin and her four kids (Josh)

Father of the Bride.. .and more!

Newlywed with Dad and Moms

Wedding party

Newly weds with Grandmas (Martin side)

The ladies!

The gentlemen!

Yeah! Yeah!

Hannah and her beautiful bridal court.

The reception area

Trevor Tiessen and Ben Martin


Rob the DJ, Ben Martin and Neal Knapp (nephew)

After formal photos

My oldest sister Sue Johnson 
and husband of 40 years Dave

Father-Daughter dance

Ben Martin sharing a good word.

Daughter Christen Martin Blade
with husband Andrew and son Jack Blade!

My brother Rob Martin and I

Hannah wore the same dress Laurie did (36 years ago.)
Beautiful then and now!

Daughter Christen and son Jack Blade

Honeymoon car

My sister Janet Rovenstine and husband Nate

Oldest son Josh with family

Youngest sister Lynn Cowell, husband Greg, 
Madison and Zach

Sister Mary Smith with husband of 36 years Bob, 
son Jesse and wife Ali, 
daughter Julia and 
grandkids Chase and Peyton

Sister Colleen Baker with son Neil
and daughter Kari, along with her husband Ron Barnes
and twin kids

Lord Jesus (Yeshua) is the
Light of the World 

Thank you Lord!