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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Appreciating Worship Leaders - Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman, David Crowder, Don Moen, Jesus Culture...

"Just a few of my favorite ones..." Steve Martin

Chris Tomlin - Passion 2014 Atlanta

David Crowder

Matt Redman - UK

Jesus Culture - USA

Don Moen

Darlene Zschech - Australia

Jesus Culture

John G. Elliott

John G. Elliott - Nashville

John G. Elliott

Back in the day...1970's and '80's

Joshua Aaron - Israel

Keith Green - heaven in now his home

The early Jesus Music - some of the best

Love Song - '70's California

Marty Goetz - USA

Paul Baloche - Texas

Paul Wilbur - Messianic music
Jacksonville, FL

Rueben Morgan - Australia

Robert Critchley - Canada

Robert Critchley - Canada

Robin Mark - Ireland

Ted Pearce - Messianic worship

Joel Chernoff of LAMB
Messianic Jew

...and then the best quartet ever! 4HIM!!!


In the business of music, 15 years might as well be a lifetime; however, for four ordinary guys who couldn’t imagine anything better than singing about Jesus, the past 15 years have been more like a dream come to life. 4HIM has been about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful, incomparable medium of music since their beginnings singing with the well-known ensemble group, Truth.

From the four ordinary guys who formed while sitting down at McDonald’s to explore the idea of forming a four-man pop-gospel group, 4HIM presents ENCORE…FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS, their final project as 4HIM, a collection of career favorites, as well as a solo song from each member.

“We couldn’t think of a better way to write the closing chapter to our story than to sing our way out,” 4HIM states,  “We hope you hear our hearts in ENCORE and know how blessed we’ve been to be a part of your lives.”

Since their formation in 1989, their harmonic convergence—the likes of which hadn’t been heard in Christian music since the Imperials took audiences by storm in the late 1970s—blended the best of tradition from past decades in Christian music with modern pop sensibilities and no-holds-barred, real life lyrics.  Christian radio ‘got it’ right of the box with the group’s first No. 1 single, “Where There Is Faith,” and audiences began to sit up and take notice of the fresh-faced foursome from down south.

4HIM managed to transcend any of those potential pratfalls, continuing to make music that not only met the needs of listeners but pushed the creative envelope as the mainstream pop music scene evolved into something a little less slick, less produced.

By the time 4HIM’s ‘best of’ album released in 2004, all four men were contemplating ‘where do we go from here?’ Not because they were drifting apart or because the opportunities were few and far between. No, call it sixth sense, the sense of discovery, of beginning to understand that there could be life beyond the ministry they’d devoted the biggest part of their adult lives to.

After much prayer, Andy Chrisman decided to pursue a lifelong passion as worship leader at a local church in Celebration, Florida. Mark Harris had begun writing new songs for a solo project. Marty and Kirk were also busy writing and doing production work on their own.

Each one, in his own time, began to feel the excitement of seeing new roads winding out before them. They began, one by one, to sense God saying “I am doing a new thing in you.” And so, with gratitude for all God has done over the past 15 years, they began to write the closing chapter in the story of 4HIM. 

Taking a walk down memory lane, 4HIM recorded new versions of their biggest hits on the farewell project.  Once again their longtime producer Michael Omartian produced the project, which features nine favorite 4HIM songs, in addition to a medley and one new track, “Unity (We Stand),” featuring guest vocalists Point of Grace and Jeromy Deibler of FFH. Four bonus solo songs from each band member will also be included.

“This project will hopefully capture the spirit of the songs and where we are now in 2005 musically, spiritually and thematically it will be a trip down memory lane with a new twist,” Mark Harris explains.  “We wanted to do this last project as a gift to our loyal fans—to commemorate all the years of faithful support we have received from them.”

Throughout their time together, 4HIM has received much acclaim for their 11 hit albums including an RIAA Gold certified album (The Basics of Life), 24 No. 1 radio singles, eight Dove Awards including three “Group of the Year,” and a Grammy Award nomination as well as Alabama’s Music Hall of Fame for The Governor’s Achievement Award.  In addition to their numerous tours across the nation, the group has also been featured performers with the Billy Graham and Louis Palau crusades.

2003 Dove Award nomination – Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year
1998 Dove Award - Group of the Year
Dove Award - Inspirational Song of the Year for “Center of the Mark”
1998 WOW! Inspirational Award nomination - Performing artist of the Year
1997 Grammy Award nomination - Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album for The Message
1996 RIAA certified gold album for The Basics of Life
1996 CCM Magazine’s readers’ poll - Favorite Long Form Video for The Ride Comes Alive
1995 American Songwriter - Christian Artist of the Year
1995 Dove Award - Group of the Year
1994 CCM Magazine - Song of the Year for “For Future Generations”
1994 Dove Award - Group of the Year
Dove Award - Inspirational Album of the Year for The Season of Love
1993 Christian Booksellers Association Impact Award - Cassette Jacket Design for The Basics of Life
Christian Booksellers Association Impact Award - Total Promotional Campaign, Music for The Basics of Life
1993 Dove Award - Group of the Year
Dove Award - Inspirational Album of the Year for Generation to Generation
1992 Christian Research Report Reporter Poll - Best Group
1991 Christian Research Report Reporter Poll - Best Group
1991 Dove Award - Best New Artist
1990 Christian Research Report Reporter Poll - Best New Artist

1996 The Message in the Making
1995 The Ride Comes Alive
1993 The Basics of Life
1991 Face the Nation

1998 The Basics of Life

• A career total so far of 22 number one singles
• Partners in hunger relief with World Vision—featured performer on World Vision 2003 Spring Tour
• Nominated by Alabama’s Music’s Hall of Fame for The Governor’s Achievement Award
• 2002 “4Guys And A Fruitcake” Christmas tour with Chonda Pierce
• Featured performers with the Louis Palau crusade and the Billy Graham crusade
• Co-headlined a national tour with Point of Grace
• Co-headlined 1998 fall national tour with Jaci Velasquez and special guest Michelle Tumes
• Headlined 1998 Spring tour with special guest Big Tent Revival featuring Jeni Varnadeau
• Performed at “Sold Out 1998” Promise Keepers conference the day before the Super Bowl
• Co-host of the 1998 NCCAA (National Christian College Athletic Association) Bobby Clampett/4HIM Pro-Am Classic Golf Tournament—

Monday, August 12, 2013

Reunionize Time! - Small Beginnings!

On Saturday, Aug. 10, 2013, we held our 1st annual "Reunionize Time!" gathering, in Pineville (Charlotte) NC. Our heart's desire is to reconnect with those we know from former cities we had lived in, churches we had been members of, and ministries we have served with. We know others want the same.

I hope John O'Leary makes it next year!
(All Nations Church 1997)

We believe the Lord is rejoining people with each other, to "regather" those that have been apart, as a result of many and various situations. We hope these events will be a time of encouragement, healing and renewed fellowship annually.

Thus, in the small town of Pineville, NC was birthed the "Reunionize Time!"

The open invitation had been posted on my FaceBook page, along with this blog and our "Love For His People" Facebook page for several months. Another specific invitation went out to 258 friends on Facebook the week before, as a reminder. (I wasn't wanting to inundate the e-mail Inboxes of friends! And snail mail gets expensive.)

Laurie and I are grateful that even though this first one was rather small (I myself was expecting and planning on between 30-50 people, but thankful for the eight who did come!), I know the Lord's ways are usually brought about through "small beginnings". We do not despise that, as the following Scripture verse says:

Zechariah 4:10 New Living Translation (NLT)
"Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices 
to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.”

I also want to share a few photos I took, which follow. And...while I 
was sitting there at the 2 pm official start time, I took some 
video shoots. Those links are at the bottom of this blog, after the 
notes from friends who responded later on the event.

You can check those out too.

Once the next date is determined for 2014, we will let you know 
in plenty of time, so you can get it on your calendar. Possibly in 
mid-May or mid-October, when the weather is a bit cooler than 
the "hot August night" time, or in this case, day!

                        Signs, signs everywhere!

Pineville Lake Park west end entrance

I parked my car in the shade... help keep the flag from fading.

All set up for the grand event!

Park shelter reserved sign posted.

The wind was a blowin', so I used the H2O bottles
to hold down the table cloths. 
(The Scotch tape wasn't working either.)

Prizes for the winners of the Quiz Game!

Photos displayed included ones from 
Derek Prince Ministries staff (2004) 
and All Nations Church "Barn" in 1998.

Music was brought to us by Ted Pearce, 
Kim Walker-Smith, and more!

Beautiful Pineville Lake!

Fun place for the kids and grand kids to play.

More prizes - from my friend Morris Ruddick especially.

Self-portrait (Steve Martin), wearing my new "Ahava Love Letters" shirt.
Book will be released in mid-Nov through Xulon Press.

A CD recording from the last worship time 
of All Nations Church
on Granite Street, Charlotte NC 
- in 2000.

Administration building at Pineville Lake Park.

Almost 2 pm! (Start time)

When will they all get here??!!

The ones who made it for this 1st "Reunionize Time!"
(L-R) Sandra McCain, Josh Martin, Susan & Mike Greene, Laurie Martin, 
and three grand kids Jensen, Dylan Joy and Logan Martin

Here are a few notes from some who responded afterwards:

From Lincolnton, NC

Bro Steve, Shalom.

I trust that you are having a blessed day/ night! Truly, I have to say that we are deeply sorry that we  missed being there on time for the fellowship that you kindly invited us to. We both were excited to have been invited and was looking forward to be there!
 I know how you must have felt when you realized no one was showing up; and we both can relate to that sort of thing ....has happened to us multiple times and it makes you think why folks do that. Anyways....

So, you are not alone...We've acclammated ourselves, in any case, to not  be upset or overreact but instead release it into the  Father's mighty Hand. I reckon you already have. The Lord bless you and may He give you a peace about it altogether.
The Lord never disappoints His beloved ones, so be encouraged today.    

From Jerusalem, Israel: 

Shalom Steve,

Just a quick note to say so sorry about the poor turnout for your event. Been-there-done-that as they say. It is a little confusing isn't it? BUT Abba always has lessons.

I organized a Support Israel Day on her birthday one year (during the last Intafada~ my son was in the IDF at the time and we were back in Virginia) LOTS of planning and organization~ T-shirt, a raffle, entertainment, felafel stand... etc. I was so shocked a the turnout! Especially from the Messianic community~ the Christians were better..... 

Have to admit~ having a son in the army with his life at risk~ I tended to take it a little more personally than I should have *:( sad BUT it started a trend and after we left they continued the Israel Independence Day celebrations and eventually even the regular synagogue down the street joined in!! 

It's tough and rather lonely at times and very confusing being a 'pioneer'.... hard part is by the time everyone else 'discovers' what you've known.... you've moved on to the next frontier *;) winking

Anyway.... Shavuah Tov

From Rock Hill, SC:

"Just a note to say I was not able to get to the park until a little after 4:30 pm because I had to work. However, when I arrived I only saw a few cars and people whom I didn't know so I thought everyone must have left. So sorry I could not get there sooner. Would love to connect with you all another time."

From Charlotte, NC

Thanks Steve,

Sad we weren't able to stop by. We had special guest speaker at the church on Sunday, but as you know, had things to do in preparation on Saturday! Hope there is a next time -- maybe at the holidays?

From Charlotte, NC/Rock Hill, SC

Hey Steve, 

I never got an email (I don’t do Facebook) after the original one about the 6th which had other people’s email addresses so I never knew it had been moved. I’m thinking there may have been a number of others who never got the word and that’s why we didn’t show up.

Thought I would let you know so maybe this helps the disappointment.

We would have loved to come had we known.

Steve's video shoots from the park shelter:

Video: One Thing I Ask 
- sung by Be'er Sheva worship team 
from Tubingen, Germany

So until next year...

Be blessed in your 
goings and your comings! 

And plan on coming next year!

With our ahava love,

Steve & Laurie