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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Israel Celebrates 50 Years of Resettling the Biblical Heartland - Israel Today

Israel Celebrates 50 Years of Resettling the Biblical Heartland

Thursday, September 28, 2017 |  Israel Today Staff
It was 50 years ago that Israel liberated Judea and Samaria from Jordanian occupation and began resettling the biblical heartland in accordance with both the Word of God and the original League of Nations decisions.
At a ceremony marking the occasion on Wednesday night, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said:
"Settlement is important to you in the same way that it is important to me, so I say very clearly: There will be no further uprooting of settlements in the land of Israel.
"The way to make peace is not through uprooting — not of Jews and not of Arabs. We did not get peace when we uprooted settlements, we got terror and missiles and we will not do that again.
"Any territory that falls into the hands of radical Islam becomes the basis for violence, murder and death, and so we will not abandon our national home to danger. Instead we will strengthen our home with this momentum."
While Netanyahu ran all of his past election campaigns on a platform of strengthening the Jewish communities in the disputed territories, he has come under harsh criticism for repeatedly bowing to international pressure by implementing construction freezes.
One of Netanyahu's most outspoken critics in this regard has been Education Minister Naftali Bennett, who told Wednesday's gathering in the Etzion Bloc of settlements south of Jerusalem:
"I don’t take such a step lightly, in order to implement sovereignty, it takes timing and courage. There is no better time than now, as it is clear that we are here by right and not by grace.
"There is no better time that this, even if world resists, we shall overcome it. The world also understands what the Israeli public understands, the Land of Israel will never again be divided!"
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

If you thought Jewish “settlements” were an obstacle to peace, you’re about to be proven wrong - Israel Video Network

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Jewish settlements-

Though there are many who would shout in defiance at such a statement, there is really no such thing as a “Palestinian” people. In fact, the term is a relatively new invention – intended as a tool to advance the destruction of Israel.
Think I’m making this up?
The so-called “Palestinians” were referred to as simply “Arabs” until 1967. The name was created by Palestinian Liberation Organization leader Yasser Arafat under the guidance of Russian propagandists in the KGB.
This means the very “reason” so much of the world hates Israel is based on a lie.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

7 Things Endangering Peace More than Settlements, John Kerry - Ron Cantor

7 Things Endangering Peace More than Settlements, John Kerry
Ron Cantor  Dec. 30, 2016  Messiah's Mandate

In John Kerry’s angry rant two days ago, he confronted Israel in the strongest terms, claiming that Israel’s building neighborhoods and towns in historic Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and East Jerusalem was endangering peace. But in truth, if Israel stopped building settlements tomorrow, these seven issues would still exist and we would be no closer to peace.
Wake up Mr. Kerry, the only peace that Hamas and the PLO want with Israel, is one where Jews cease to exist in the Middle East. You cannot make a peace deal with the devil. The issues below are far more worthy of confrontation, than Israelis building on their historic homeland.

1. Terror Tunnels

Presently Hamas is stealing 95% of the cement that is supposed to go to rebuild homes in Gaza to build Terror Tunnels. Dozens of tunnel diggers have been executed by Hamas so they can never collaborate with Israel regarding their locations (like that spineless terrorist, Bilal Razaineh, who is pouring out secrets to Israel, after his recent capture). This is how Hamas treats Palestinians; their own people—do you think for a Gaza-minute if Israel stops building neighborhoods, they are going to suddenly choose peace?
These tunnels are for the purpose of killing Jews. They even plotted to tunnel into a kindergarten to murder the most innocent of Israelis.

2. Hamas’ rule over Palestinians is Brutal

Here is just one story of hundreds. Ismail Halou, 22 was pumping gas in Gazatrying to earn a living. A black jeep pulled up and police blindfolded and kidnaped him. They took him to the station. His crime? Using hair gel! His head was shaved and his feet were beaten to a pulp. He could’t walk afterwards. It was the worse pain he’d ever felt.
He could hear the screams of others being beaten. They took him home, and unceremoniously dropped him off. It was three days before he could walk.
In addition, Hamas uses women and children as human shields. They shoot rockets at Israel from hospitals, schools and kindergarten. John Kerry mentioned Hamas four times in his 70-minute speech as a symbolic gesture, but his real target was evil Jewish neighborhoods.

3. Hezbollah has 120,000 missiles aimed at Israel

The ISIS-like terror group claims to have more missiles than ever aimed at the Jewish state. And if John Kerry thinks they are ready and willing to disarm, if Israel stops building settlements, than he is more naïve than I ever dreamed. Islamists are not about peace, but sworn to Israel’s destruction.
Israeli UN ambassador Danny Danon challenged the UN in July:
“Let me be clear. Should Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, make the miscalculation that it did in 2006, Israel will be ready to defend its citizens in the most vigorous and forceful way possible,” he stated. “We demand the removal of Hezbollah terrorists from southern Lebanon.” (jpost)

4. The Palestinian Authority is Pays Terrorists

How can you be a partner for peace and sponsor terrorism at the same time? The P.A. pays monthly salaries to terrorists and their families to the tune of 140 million dollars a year. That is 10% of the yearly budget for the Palestinian Authority. This is a great incentive for a poor Palestinian to kill Israelis, if for no other reason, than to provide for his family.
U.S. tax dollars are funding this in part, as the U.S. gives aid to the P.A. Where is Mr. Kerry’s outrage that the families of the murderers of 14-year-old Hallel Yaffa Ariel and Ezra Schwartz, both U.S. citizens, get monthly checks from the Palestinian Authority? In fact, there is no outrage. Mr. Kerry probably thinks little Hallel had it coming, as she lived on one of those evil settlements.

5. The Palestinian Authority Honors Terrorists

On the one hand, The P.A. condemns terror, while the other hand’s fingers are crossed. If you are not pro-terror, you don’t name streets, public squares, schools and even soccer teams after “glorious” terrorists. But the P.A. does.
Muhannad Halabi was a 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who killed two Israelis, Rabbi Nehemiah Lavi and Aharon Bennett, in a stabbing attack in the Old City of Jerusalem on Oct. 3. Halabi, who was eventually shot dead by Israeli police, also injured Bennett’s wife Adele and their 2-year-old son in the attack.”
The Palestinian Authority honored the young man by naming a street after him. That is just one of scores of examples.

6. Paying IRAN 1.7 Billion Dollar Ransom

If releasing five of the world’s top terrorists for the traitor, Bowe Bergdowl (and then inviting his perverted, pro-Islam father to invoke the name of Allah in the Rose Garden of the White House) wasn’t enough. Obama and Kerry paid the Ayatollahs of Iran 1.7 Billion in ransom money. Nothing encourages a kidnapper to continue to kidnap more than getting ransom money.
But Kerry believers Iran’s police state, which routinely mocks the U.S. and calls for Israel’s destruction, can be trusted allies, while Israel is the new roadblock to peace.

7. Yelling at your Friend in Public

John Kerry’s scolding of Israel publically in front of her mortal enemies does far more to encourage terror, than Israelis building a town. How encouraged must the leaders of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah and other Islamic terror groups be after seeing the animated and furious Kerry take off the gloves with Israel. Do you think they are more likely to carry out terror attacks after that or less? Kerry’s speech was more of an impediment to peace, than anything Israel is doing.
Kerry says Israel is going to be isolated if we don’t stop building in the West Bank. Well, he is doing his best to isolate us. Is this not what was prophesied? Zechariah says that all nations will turn against Jerusalem. But for now, I am just excited that in 22 days we will have a new President in the U.S. who has been sending unprecedented signals that he will be the most pro-Israel President ever. I just hope that Obama and Kerry can behave themselves until then.

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Ron Cantor

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WATCH: A Few Words for President Obama regarding Israel - Ron Cantor MESSIAH'S MANDATE

WATCH: Obama: Israel cannot ‘permanently occupy, settle Palestinian land’

I am really grateful for social media. When President Obama uttered these ridiculous and historically inaccurate words, I was able to quickly go to Facebook and challenge them. By morning the video had been seen over 2,600 times and shared over 100 times. Still, that is nowhere near the reach that the President has, but we do what we can.

I have studied the Israeli Palestinian conflict intensely since 1989 and the fact is that there is no such thing as Palestinian lands. Secondly, the only reason Israel controls the West Bank is because of the aggressive and billegerant actions of the surrounding nations. Had Jordan not attacked Israel during the Six-Day-War, we would never have taken the Old City of Jerusalem or the West Bank. And now that we have it as a buffer zone against our enemies why in the world would we give it back? 

Ron Cantor
Messiah's Mandate
Watch the video.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

UN and US Demand Israel Return “Confiscated” Land by Abra Forman - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

The Judean plain. (Shutterstock)

The Judean plain. (Shutterstock)

UN and US Demand Israel Return “Confiscated” Land

“And the LORD appeared unto Avram, and said: ‘Unto thy seed will I give this Land’.” Genesis 12: (The Israel Bible™)
The US State Department spokesman and United Nations Secretary-General both released statements on Tuesday condemning Israel’s recent appropriation of about 600 acres of land in Judea, accusing the Jewish state of illegal settlement activity which the State Department said will “undermine the prospects for a two-state solution.”
“We strongly oppose any steps that accelerate settlement expansion, which raises serious questions about Israel’s long-term intentions,” State Department spokesman John Kirby said at a news briefing.
The UN’s Ban Ki-moon issued a similar statement through spokesman Stephane Dujarric, who declared, “Settlements are illegal under international law and the secretary-general urges the government of Israel to halt and reverse such actions in the interest of a just and comprehensive peace and a just final status agreement.”
The criticism came after Israel declared 234 hectares, or 580 acres, of West Bank territory to be state land. The area is located south of Jericho and close to the Dead Sea.
It is the largest land “confiscation” since 2014, when Israel declared 4,000 dunams of land in the Bethlehem area to be government property.
All of the “confiscated” lands are located within the Biblical borders of Israel, which stretched east to west from the Dead Sea to the Mediterranean. However, these are not boundaries respected by international law.
Travel through 3,000 years of Jewish history
In a report by Peace Now, a leftist Israeli NGO, on the “land grab”, the organization said that Israel’s intention was to prevent Palestinian expansion and build up Jewish settlements in the area.
“Control over this area is meant to split the West Bank in half and prevent the possibility to establish a viable and contiguous Palestinian State,” read the report, which also stated that the declaration of appropriation had been made and signed during US Vice President Joe Biden’s Israel visit on March 10.
Issues of building in the so-called settlements – Jewish communities located in Judea, Samaria and the Golan – have loomed large in Israel’s relations with the US, which has repeatedly condemned such expansion and urged Israel to freeze construction in the settlements.
The position of the US, the UN and other international bodies is that the freezing of settlements is necessary to make peace in the region, which they believe can be reached through the implementation of a two-state solution.
Israel, however, does not see the settlement issue as the main obstacle to peace, pointing instead to the fact that though the PA has been offered many generous deals, it has rejected all of them.
Most recently, the PA refused a deal which would give it security control over much of the West Bank, incorporating all of Area A, which includes most large Palestinian cities and villages. The IDF will continue to operate in the area as usual.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Judea and Samaria Manufacturers Refuse to Put Discriminatory Labels on Products by Ahuva Balofsky - BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

The Jordan Valley. (Photo:Dickelbers/ BreakingIsraelNews)

The Jordan Valley. (Photo:Dickelbers/ BreakingIsraelNews)

Germany Demands Labels From Settlements Read "Occupied Territories"

“And it shall be on the day when ye shall pass over the Jordan unto the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, that thou shalt set thee up great stones, and plaster them with plaster.” Deuteronomy 27:2 (The Israel Bible™)
Israelis living in the Jordan Valley have vehemently refused to label their products as coming from “occupied territories”, sending a scathing letter to Germany’s ambassador, several media outlets reported. According to Israel National News, David Elhayani, head of the Jordan Valley regional council, was responding to a phone request from a German marketing company.
The German company, Gaia, contacted a local farmer, informing him that their clients would like a prominent label applied to Jordan Valley products, stating “the product was produced in territories occupied by the government of Israel.” This is accordance with new EU guidelines, set in November, which forbid products made beyond the pre-1967 borders of Israel to be labeled “Made in Israel”.
Elhayani, himself a farmer, dashed off an angry letter last week to German ambassador to Israel Clemens von Goetze. Calling the demand “discriminatory” and “politically motivated”, he refused on behalf of the community to comply.
Reminding the ambassador of his country’s Nazi past, Elhayani wrote, “We will not label any of our products. In our eyes the demand to label goods is equal to the demand from the dark and awful days of the past when Jews were labeled in Europe.”
Menorah of old replica necklace, from the City of David. Buy Now!
The timing of the demand, Elhayani argued, also showed incredible insensitivity to the plight of Israelis today, coming as it does in the midst of a terror wave which has claimed the lives of 29 Israelis and 3 foreign nationals in the past five months. “The state of Israel in these days is dealing with a wave of violent and severe terror. This decision for the harmful demand by the European Union comes on the background of this serious reality – it’s simply scandalous.”
According to The Jerusalem Post, Elhayani told von Goetze that 60 percent of Jordan Valley residents rely on agriculture for the income, and 20 percent of the region’s exports go to Europe.
Elhayani’s comments echoed those of Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel Friday, who said this was not the first time Europe had chosen to label Jews. Ariel demanded the EU renounce its “wretched boycott decision”.
Judea and Samaria are the heartland of Biblical Israel, and Jewish settlements there represent the return, after 2,000 years, of a people in exile to its home. The EU claims its decision to label Israeli settlement goods stems from an unwillingness to support what it considers an illegal occupation, but agreements reached with other nations in similarly questionable positions belie the claim. Europe also announced recently its agreements with Israel will no longer be applicable beyond the so-called “green line”, another move decried by Israel.
The US has quietly followed Europe’s example, with the US Customs Department “reissuing” a 1995 order to label West Bank and Gaza products. In reality, however, the original order applied only to Palestinian-made products from those regions, whereas the current directive is being applied to Israeli-made products, as well. Violators are subject to stiff fines.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Kerry: Israeli Settlement Construction to Blame for Violent Palestinian “Frustration”

Love For His People Editor's note: Killing, beating and stabbing innocent people isn't the way to "vent" your "frustrations." Lawlessness must be dealt with aggressively, to save your people. 

Blindness will always seek to excuse the wrong doer. Only one more year of this one in that position.  Steve Martin

US Secretary of State John Kerry at a Harvard sponsored event Tuesday, October 13, 2015. (Photo: US Department of State)

US Secretary of State John Kerry at a Harvard sponsored event Tuesday, October 13, 2015. (Photo: US Department of State)

Kerry: Israeli Settlement Construction to Blame for Violent Palestinian “Frustration”

“A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.” (Proverbs 18:2)
US Secretary of State John Kerry attributed on Tuesday evening the current wave of terror to strike Israel to Palestinian “frustration” over the “massive increase in settlements.”
Speaking at Harvard University, the secretary warned that “unless we get going, the two-state solution will be conceivably stolen from everybody.”
During a question-and-answer session following his talk, Kerry linked Israeli construction in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as a reasonable excuse for Palestinian violence and terror.
“There’s been a massive increase in settlement over the course of the last years and there’s an increase in the violence because there’s this frustration that’s growing,” he said, adding that there is also a growing “frustration among Israelis who don’t see any end.”
“I look at that and I say if that did explode – and I pray and hope it won’t – and I think there’s options to prevent that, then we would inevitably be at some point engaged in working through those kinds of difficulties,” Kerry explained.
Do you agree the Jewish people have a Biblical right to Jerusalem?
The US official expressed his confusion over why previous peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians have failed, arguing that many people have a sense of how to permanently resolve the conflict.
“So better to find the ways to deal with it before that happens than later and I think what always perplexes me – we’ve been through Oslo, Wye Plantation, Madrid, countless negotiations. Most people I talk to have a pretty damn good sense of what has to be done.”
“It’s a question of making the judgments and having the courage to go there,” Kerry said, adding that “we have 16 months left in this administration and we’re going to stay engaged and try to work through these issues because there are options and there is a better other side to the current conflict we’re witnessing.”
The last US-backed peace talks collapsed in April 2014 following nine months of back-and-fourth negotiations. Kerry revealed he would be visiting Israel “soon” to push for a fresh round of talks to “see if we can’t move away from this precipice.”
On Tuesday, Israel was victim to an unprecedented surge in terror incidents across the country. Three Israelis were killed and over 20 injured. Kerry condemned the attacks earlier in the day, saying “this violence and any incitement to violence has got to stop.”


Thursday, September 3, 2015

"Come to Possess the Land" ✡ You'll Love these Israeli Music CD's

And the entire congregation of the Children of Israel assembled at Shiloh... And Joshua said, "How long are you slack to come in to possess the Land, which the Lord God of your forefathers has given you?"

JOSHUA (18:1,3)

וַיִּקָּהֲלוּ כָּל עֲדַת בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל שִׁלֹה ... וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוֹשֻׁעַ אֶל בְּנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל עַד אָנָה אַתֶּם מִתְרַפִּים לָבוֹא לָרֶשֶׁת אֶת הָאָרֶץ אֲשֶׁר נָתַן לָכֶם יְ-הֹוָה אֱ-לֹהֵי אֲבוֹתֵיכֶם

יהושע יח:א,ג

va-yi-ka-ha-lu kol a-dat b'-nay yis-ra-ayl shi-lo ... va-yo-mer y'-ho-shu-a el b'-nay yis-ra-ayl ad a-na a-tem mit-ra-peem la-vo la-re-shet ha-a-retz a-sher na-tan la-khem a-do-nai e-lo-hai a-vo-tay-khem

Today's Israel Inspiration

When Joshua spoke these words in Shiloh, he was not just speaking to the Israelites of that time. The Bible is eternal and contains lessons for all time, thus we read Joshua's rallying words as a message for our generation as well, to "come to possess the Land!" The people of the modern day city of Shiloh have taken Joshua's message to heart, establishing a thriving community in the biblical heartland. In the process they have experienced a number of terror attacks. Help heal the trauma of terrorism in the lives of innocent children who have lost loved ones or witnessed the horror of terrorism first-hand.

Amazing Archaeological Tour of Shiloh

Feel as if you're here, walking on one of the oldest roads in the world, the road walked by millions of Israelites who made pilgrimages to Shiloh to worship God at the Tabernacle. Astounding archeological remains make the Bible come to life!

Idealistic Americans Move to Israeli Settlements

A new report has revealed that some 60,000 Americans immigrants are living in "settlements" in Judea and Samaria, where they are often inspired by an American vision of pioneering and building new suburbanized utopian communities.

Word By Word Genesis Study Tool

The Book of Genesis is a great place to start to learn the meaning and pronunciation of every Hebrew word in the Torah. "Word by Word" is an essential Bible Study tool, that will help you develop Bible Study skills that will last a lifetime. Start with Genesis, and then add the other Books of the Torah, which you'll find in our store!

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Almond blossoms in the beautiful biblical city of Shiloh.

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