Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Apple's Wailing Wall is in Palestine. (Oh Really???)

Apple's Wailing Wall is in Palestine

Tuesday, December 10, 2013 |  David Lazarus, ISRAEL TODAY
Apple is often first in breaking new ground with the latest hi-tech gadgets. Now the company has introduced yet another brand new notion: Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall (known as the Kotel) is in "Palestine."
The company that brought us the innovative iPhone now offers the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while the rest of the world, led by the Americans, still try to broker a shaky final status.
Don‚Äôt believe it? Just come visit the Kotel in Jerusalem. Pull out your iPhone 5, and take a few pictures of the Wall. Before you can say "Siri," wonder of wonders, a description of the most famous site in all of Judaism will automatically pop up on your high-definition screen showing you the location of the Wailing Wall: The West Bank, East Jerusalem.
That’s right folks, with just one swipe of your screen, the almighty Apple has divided the city of Jerusalem, putting the holiest place in the world for all Jewish people in the Palestinian Territories.
For those iPhone fans who think that this is just another infamous Apple Maps' bug, be informed. In earlier versions of their trendy device, Apple's weather app gave separate forecasts for West and East Jerusalem, even though Israel unified the city 46 years ago after the Six-Day War! Only after extensive and ongoing pressure by Israel’s ambassador to the US did the digital giant change the app’s map status to identify Jerusalem as one city.
“It is a shame that a commercial enterprise feels that it needs to be more pro-Palestinian than the Palestinians themselves,” said Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin. “But what matters is the reality on the ground, not in the virtual world.”
Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitz, the overseer of the Wailing Wall, had this to say in response: “We don’t need anyone’s endorsement or stamp of approval. The Wailing Wall is a part of who we are.”
If the company is getting involved in politics to help sell their "Apples" to young left-wing liberals, beware. A long time ago in a garden, a young, innocent couple took that appealing apple, only to be deceived, when all hell broke loose.
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