Thursday, November 17, 2016

Menorah and Oil Stand Ready for Third Temple as Hanukkah Approaches - Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS

Menorah and Oil Stand Ready for Third Temple as Hanukkah Approaches

“And thou shalt make a candlestick of pure gold: of beaten work shall the candlestick be made, even its base, and its shaft; its cups, its knops, and its flowers, shall be of one piece with it.” Exodus 25:31 (The Israel Bible™)
A ritually pure oil has been carefully prepared by the nascent Sanhedrin so that the people of Israel will be ready to light the menorah should the Third Temple arrive by Hanukkah, which this year begins on December 24.
“The oil is ready, so if the government decided to permit it, we are ready to go up to the Temple Mount and light the menorah,” affirmed Rabbi Yaakov Savir, appointed by the Sanhedrin to oversee the complex oil-making process.
He explained that lighting the menorah is actually considered a ritual offering to God: “The oil is burned just like an animal sacrifice and is considered one of the daily Temple offerings.”
Ayal Kellman, manager of the Israel365 Store, noted that many non-Jews also purchase menorahs, either to participate in the mitzvah of lighting or simply to show love for Israel and the Jewish people. “In addition to being used for ritual observance, the menorah can also be a public display of support for Israel, as it is the official state emblem, and is often displayed in synagogues, homes and churches around the world,” Kellman told Breaking Israel News.

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