Friday, May 25, 2018

Shalva Tea and the Renaissance of Biblical Herbs in the Holy Land - Breaking Israel News

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Shalva Tea and the Renaissance of Biblical Herbs in the Holy Land

The tasty herbs used in some of the best local blends date back to the times of the Bible

Louisiana Becomes 25th US State to Prohibit Business Ties With Anti-Israel BDS Groups

'I am pleased that Louisiana will join what is now a critical mass of states in supporting our closest ally,' stated Governor Edwards

WATCH: In Honor of ‘America Eats for Israel,’ Enjoy This Fun Video

Americans taste Israeli snacks and find out which ones are hits and which ones are flops

ICYMI: First Fruits’ Ceremony Reenacted Overlooking Temple Mount [PHOTO SPREAD]

Descendants of Aaron the High Priest recreate the ritual of 'the first fruits' as it was performed in the Temple

Why Do the Media Keep Encouraging
Hamas Violence?

By Alan Dershowitz
CALLING THIS the “dead baby strategy” may seem cruel, because it is cruel. But don’t blame the messenger for accurately describing this tactic. Blame those who cynically use it. And blame the media for playing into the hands of those who use it by reporting only the body count and not the deliberate Hamas tactic that leads to one-sided body counts.
By Steve Kramer
By Dr. Denis MacEoin
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