Thursday, May 31, 2018

Russia Brokers Deal Keeping Iran Out of Region Bordering With Israel - Breaking Israel News

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Russia Brokers Deal Keeping Iran Out of Region Bordering With Israel

Russia is doubling-down on its demand that non-Syrian forces step back from the border with Israel

250 More Homes Approved in Hebron Hills

Residents in the Hebron Hills finally get a municipal building plan after 20 years

WATCH: Dershowitz: ‘Jewish People Should Never Apologize For Using Strength’

Referencing Psalm 29, Dershowitz noted that first God blesses HIs people with strength and then peace

ICYMI: Is Netanyahu the Reincarnation of Biblical Jonathan?

A Bible expert suggests Netanyahu may be the reincarnation of the Biblical figure, Jonathan to act as the Messiah's right-hand man

Pompeo Presents the Trump Doctrine

By Caroline Glick
The Trump Doctrine involves a simple concept: U.S. foreign policy must be grounded in reality rather than fantasy, and its aim is to achieve the only goal that matters: securing and enhancing the security of the American people.
By Jonathan Feldstein
By Dr. Mordechai Kedar
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