Monday, October 29, 2018

Dr. Peter Wyn's 50th Year in Ministry - Honoring Our Friend & Pastor at Antioch International Church

Dr. Peter Wyn's 50th Year in Ministry 
- Honoring Our Friend & Pastor 
at Antioch International Church
Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018
Fort Mill, SC

What a delight it was to give due honor, with a lot of joy and downright fun mixed in, as we together celebrated the life and times (only the first 64 years, with 50 of them being in fulltime ministry) of our friend, husband, father, pastor, apostle, artist, author...Dr. Peter Wyns!

We love you Peter! You have passed the tests, endured the trials, shared the journey, and have now completed the "first leg" of your graced call on your life, in serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Yeshua HaMashiach. 

Beginning as the young Jewish son, apprehended at the age 15, to give your life to serve the Living God of Israel - you have traveled the 45 nations on His list thus far; given the 6,000 sermons born out of your humble and courageous spirit; and hugged the multitudes of the down, the out, the up and the coming, and the many, many, many sons and daughters our loving Father has given to you to embrace, train, encourage and stand alongside.

What a legacy already, and the best is yet to come!

We love you, our eternal friend and comrade in the faith,

Steve & Laurie Martin
Love For His People, Inc.
Charlotte, NC

P.S. Looking forward to the "Foursome" trip to Israel together, as we walk in the Lord's purpose's and plans for His Chosen Ones in the Promised Land!

  The General - Peter Wyns

 With a twinkle in his he looks at each one.

 Always blessing!

 "Each of you has a place and calling. Rise up and take it."

 "I love my friends."

Joy Wyns - dedicated, awesome wife for 43 years...and counting!
("GI Joy" as Peter lovingly calls her.)

 Lead Pastors Jesse and Liz Wyns Enns
Antioch International Church

 Oldest son Andrew Wyns (Father Drew!)

 Dr. Raul Molina, Miami, FL.

 Dr. Elizabeth Wyns Enns
(Daughter, pastor, preacher, teacher, worship leader...)

 Lead Pastor Jesse Enns
(Son-in-law, worship leader, administrator...with a tie on this night. WOW!)

 Jorge Parrot, CMM

 Peter Kumar

 Warren Marcus

 Some of the grandkids! (13 in all.)

 My good wife Laurie Martin & Peter

 Steve Martin and Peter - friends since 2001
when we served together at Derek Prince Ministries in Charlotte, NC.

Prayer for the family.

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