Friday, December 28, 2018

Lance Wallnau - What Is Happening In The Spirit Realm And America Right Now?

Published on Dec 27, 2018

While I was in Mar-A-Lago recently listening to Rush Limbaugh at the SAS2018 Conference, he shared about the battle our President has been facing. On the one side he has "Sleepy Todd from Meet The Depressed," coming after our President, and then Ann Coulter lambasted him so badly it made him angry enough that he unfollowed her on Twitter!
We need to turn up the juice! We need to understand something here; WE prayed him INTO OFFICE. Our President also listens to the spirit of truth! Are you catching this? He listens to the few prophetic voices who are affirming, the few who are encouraging him, and the few who have a prophetic anointing to expose the left for what it is—a pernicious ideology that is going to destroy America if it isn't arrested.
Don't miss out as I pray for us near the end to have even greater discernment, for a sound mind, and greater peace.
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