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CCM Top 500 Album List

Here first are #10-200.

  1. The 77’s                                                               All Fall Down
  2. Phil Keaggy                                                         Love Broke Thru
  3. Leslie Phillips                                                      The Turning
  4. Tonio K                                                                 Romeo Unchained
  5. The Altar Boys                                                   GLM (Gut Level Music)
  6. David Edwards                                                  David Edwards
  7. Bob Bennett                                                      Matters of the Heart
  8. The Swirling Eddies                                         Outdoor Elvis
  9. Bob Dylan                                                            Slow Train Comin’
  10. Amy Grant                                                          Lead Me On
  11. DC Talk                                                                 Jesus Freak
  12. Love Song                                                           Love Song
  13. Chagall Guevara                                               Chagall Guevara
  14. DeGarmo & Key                                                               Straight On
  15. Larry Norman                                                    In Another Land
  16. Rick Elias                                                              Rick Elias and the Confessions
  17. Rich Mullins                                                        A Liturgy, A Legacy & a Ragamuffin Band
  18. Daniel Amos                                                       Doppelganger
  19. Bruce Cockburn                                                                Dancing in the Dragon’s Jaws
  20. The Call                                                                Reconciled
  21. Barry McGuire                                                   Lighten Up
  22. Lost Dogs                                                             Scenic Routes
  23. Mustard Seed Faith                                        Sail on Sailor
  24. Switchfoot                                                          The Beautiful Letdown
  25. U2                                                                          War
  26. Undercover                                                        Branded
  27. Adam Again                                                        Dig
  28. Benny Hester                                                    Nobody Knows Me Like You
  29. The Choir                                                             Chase the Kangaroo
  30. Russ Taff                                                              Russ Taff
  31. LSU                                                                        Shaded Pain
  32. The Front                                                            The Front
  33. Prodigal                                                                Electric Eye
  34. Caedmon’s Call                                                 40 Acres
  35. Andy McCarroll & Moral Support              Zionic Bonds
  36. Stryper                                                                 To Hell With the Devil
  37. Daniel Amos                                                       Horrendous Disc
  38. Kerry Livgren                                                     Seeds of Change
  39. Burlap to Cashmere                                        Anybody Out There
  40. Paul Clark                                                            Hand to the Plow
  41. Sweet Comfort Band                                      Hearts of Fire
  42. Vigilantes of Love                                            Jugular
  43. Michael Omartian                                            Adam Again
  44. The Violet Burning                                           Strength
  45. Sixpence None the Richer                            Sixpence None the Richer
  46. Ideola                                                                   Tribal Opera
  47. Daniel Amos                                                       Shotgun Angel
  48. Charlie Peacock                                                                The Secret of Time
  49. After the Fire                                                     CBS Recordings
  50. Jerusalem                                                           Warrior
  51. The Alarm                                                           Declaration
  52. T-Bone Burnett                                                 Trap Door
  53. Michael Anderson                                           Sound Alarm
  54. Tonio K                                                                 Notes from the Lost Civilization
  55. Steve Taylor                                                       I Predict 1990
  56. Gospel Gangstas                                              Gang Affiliated
  57. Mute Math                                                         Mute Math
  58. Alice Cooper                                                      The Last Temptation of Alice Cooper
  59. Edin Adahl                                                           Alibi
  60. Jars of Clay                                                          Jars of Clay
  61. Vector                                                                  Mannequin Virtue
  62. Bruce Cockburn                                                                Humans
  63. Phil Keaggy                                                         Sunday’s Child
  64. Lifesavers                                                            Kiss of Life
  65. Matthew Ward                                                 Toward Eternity
  66. The Prayer Chain                                              Shawl
  67. Daniel Amos                                                       Darn Floor, Big Bite
  68. Randy Stonehill                                                 Between the Glory and the Flame
  69. Mark Heard                                                        Satellite Sky
  70. The Innocence Mission                                 The Innocence Mission
  71. Julie Miller                                                          Meet Julie Miller
  72. Bebo Norman                                                    Ten Thousand days
  73. Benny Hester                                                    Benny Hester
  74. 2nd Chapter of Acts/Phil Keaggy                 How the West Was One
  75. Andrae Crouch & the Disciples                   This Is Another Day
  76. Mat Kearney                                                      Nothing Left to Lose
  77. Sweet Comfort Band                                      Cutting Edge
  78. Gentle Faith                                                       Gentle Faith
  79. Charlie Peacock                                                                Love Life
  80. Erick Nelson & Michelle Pillar                      The Misfit
  81. The 77’s                                                               Pray Naked
  82. Children of the Day                                         Come to the Water
  83. The Choir                                                             Circle Slide
  84. Roby Duke                                                          Not the Same
  85. Johnny Lang                                                       Turn Around
  86. Ishmael United                                                 If You Can’t Shout Saved, You’ll Have to…
  87. Malcolm and Alwyn                                        Fools Wisdom
  88. Undercover                                                        Forum
  89. Michael W Smith                                              The Big Picture
  90. John Mehler                                      Bow and Arrow
  91. MxPx                                                    Life in General
  92. Chuck Girard                                      Chuck Girard
  93. Jennifer Knapp                                 Kansas
  94. Sam Phillips                                        The Indescribable Wow
  95. Darrell Mansfield                             Higher Power
  96. Arkangel                                              Warrior
  97. Kerry Livgren/AD                             Timeline
  98. Various Artists                                   At the Foot of the Cross
  99. Neal Morse                                        Testimony
  100. Steve Scott                                         Love In the Western World
  101. Randy Stonehill                                 Return to Paradise
  102. Steve Camp                                        Fire and Ice
  103. Petra                                                     More Power To Ya
  104. Scaterd Few                                       Sin Disease
  105. Pat Terry                                              Humanity Gangsters
  106. Stavesacre                                          Friction
  107. Hothouse Flowers                           People
  108. John Fischer                                       Dark Horse
  109. The Imperials                                     Priority
  110. Rich Mullins                                        Winds of Heaven, Stuff of Earth
  111. LYRIX                                                     Songs From the Earth
  112. Jon Gibson                                          Body and Soul
  113. 2nd Chapter of Acts                          With Footnotes
  114. POD                                                       Satellite
  115. Iona                                                       The Book of Kells
  116. Rick Elias                                              Ten Stories
  117. T-Bone Burnett                                 Truth Decay
  118. Pierce Pettis                                       Chase the Buffalo
  119. Margaret Becker                              Immigrants Daughter
  120. Lone Justice                                       Shelter
  121. DC Talk                                                 Free at Last
  122. Dashboard Confessional                               Alter the Ending
  123. Syn                                                         A Matter of Time
  124. Resurrection Band                           Awaiting Your Reply
  125. King’s X                                                                Faith, Hope, Love
  126. Plank Eye                                             The One and Only
  127. Amy Grant                                          Age to Age
  128. Adam Again                                        10 Songs
  129. Various Artists                                   Orphans of God – Mark Heard Tribute
  130. Toby Mac                                            Diverse City
  131. Daniel Amos                                       Mr. Beuchner’s Dream
  132. Vigilantes of Love                            Audible Sigh
  133. Lifesavers                                            Us Kids
  134. Poor Old Lu                                         Mindsize
  135. The Violent Femmes                      Hallowed Ground
  136. Kansas                                                  Vinyl Confessions
  137. Kemper Crabb                                   The Vigil
  138. U2                                                          Achtung Baby
  139. Crystal Lewis                                      The Bride
  140. Whitecross                                         Whitecross
  141. Newsboys                                           Going Public
  142. Barry McGuire                                   Seeds
  143. Lost Dogs                                             Little Red Riding Hood
  144. Mark Heard                                        Second Hand
  145. Waterboys                                          Pagan Place
  146. Various Artists                                   City on a Hill
  147. Avion                                                    Avion
  148. David Meece                                     Are You Ready
  149. Flyleaf                                                   Flyleaf
  150. White Heart                                       Redemption
  151. Fleming and John                             Delusions of Grandeur
  152. Tourniquet                                         Psycho Surgery
  153. Jennifer Knapp                                 Lay It Down
  154. Vigilantes of Love                            Killing Floor
  155. Randy Stonehill                                 Equator
  156. Margaret Becker                              Never For Nothing
  157. Magdallan                                           Big Bang
  158. Deliverance                                        Weapons of Our Warfare
  159. Aunt Bettys                                        Aunt Bettys
  160. Terry Taylor                                        Knowledge and innocence
  161. David Mullen                                     Revival
  162. Jacob’s Trouble                                 Knock Breathe Shine
  163. Van Morrison                                    Avalon Sunset
  164. Russ Taff                                              Medals
  165. Daughtry                                             Daughtry
  166. Servant                                                                Rockin’ Revival
  167. Petra                                                     Never Say Die
  168. The Imperials                                     One More Song for You
  169. Ashley Cleveland                             Big Town
  170. David Edwards                                  Get the Picture
  171. Phil Keaggy                                         Ph’lip Side
  172. Cliff Richard                                        Now You See, Now You Don’t
  173. Keith Green                                       No Compromise
  174. Charlie Peacock                                                Charlie Peacock
  175. Derek Webb                                      She Must and Shall Go Free
  176. Resurrection Band                           Lament
  177. FM Static                                             What Are You Waiting For
  178. Over the Rhine                                 Eve
  179. Take 6                                                   Take 6
  180. Living Sacrifice                                   Reborn
  181. 4-4-1                                                      Mourning Into Dancing
  182. 2nd Chapter of Acts                          Mansion Builder
  183. Phil Keaggy                                         Crimson & Blue
  184. Neal Morse                                        Lifeline
  185. Newsboys                                           Love Liberty Disco
  186. Creed                                                    Human Clay
  187. The Throes                                         All the Flowers
  188. White Heart                                       Don’t Wait for the Movie
  189. Plumb                                                   candycoatedwaterdrops
  190. Various Artists                                   Brow Beat
This list was updated Nov. 2011.

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