Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Happy Sukkot to Everybody! 12Tribe Films: Top Sukkot Videos- Enjoy the Feast of the Tabernacles!

Happy Sukkot to Everybody! 

Enjoy the Festive 

Sukkot Videos

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The holiday of Sukkot is upon us. For centuries Jews came to visit 
Jerusalem and the Temple to give thanksgiving. Today many still come 
to Jerusalem. Watch this video to see the Western Wall on the 
holiday of Sukkot.

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The holiday of Sukkot is not just a holiday for Jews in Israel 
(or around the world), but it is a holiday when tens of thousands of 
non-Jews come and celebrate in Israel too, just as the 
prophets spoke about!
Israel and Jerusalem are the center of the world. Come witness 
the beauty of the Sukkot holiday here yourselves! In the meantime, 
you can enjoy the video :)
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Click here to watch: Awesome Dancing in Jerusalem
There is so much celebration, dancing and singing on the holiday of
 Sukkot in Israel and across the world. Here is a fabulous Sukkot 
happening in Jerusalem! Enjoy the show!!!

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Click here to watch: Mordechai Ben David-Hebron-Succot
What an awesome Sukkot holiday performance by the Jewish 
music legend - Mordechai Ben David! To top it off, this concert took 
place in the Israeli city of Hevron, one of the 3 holiest cities of the 
Jewish people. Thousands and thousands of people came to this 
concert and visited this holy city on Sukkot.

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Click here to watch: NEVER AGAIN!
Must-Watch- This might be the most powerful clip you ever see.

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