Tuesday, September 24, 2013

PsalmPlace - For Psalmists - bless us with the Messianic music

PsalmPlace - For Psalmists: Upload your songs, create a page for yourself, and bless us with the Messianic music our King has written through you!ver loads of new Messianic music from independent artists. Many songs offered to you for free!

I have just signed up with PsalmPlace to release Beauty For Ashes, a song I wrote in 2012 after I returned from Nicaragua. 

This is an answer to prayer! It is sung in Spanish and English, and beautifully recorded by Joel Aloise and Tania Vejar (thank you!). 

Please check it out! Just click on the link, look for Psalmists and then look for my name under new psalmists. 

You can preview part of the song (in Spanish) for free, but to hear the last half (English) you are required to pay 99 cents. 

My hope is that you will be blessed in hearing The Word of The Lord sung over you!

Click below to access 
Lydia's song "Beauty for Ashes"
Only $0.99! (both English & Spanish)

Psalm Place - Lydia Holly
Click here: PsalmPlace.com 

(Once on the home page,  you can also set up a free account, if  desired. Otherwise, you can go directly to Lydia's song through the "Go ahead...visit the Psalmists" section in the top right hand corner. Then search for "Lydia Holly" under "New Psalmists.)

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