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Great Hebrew Lesson ✡ "When the Shofar Sounds"

All you inhabitants of the world and dwellers of the earth - you will see when the banner is hoisted up upon the mountains, and when the shofar sounds you will hear!

ISAIAH (18:3)

כָּל יֹשְׁבֵי תֵבֵל וְשֹׁכְנֵי אָרֶץ כִּנְשֹׂא נֵס הָרִים תִּרְאוּ וְכִתְקֹעַ שׁוֹפָר תִּשְׁמָעוּ

ישעיהו יח:ג

kol yosh-vay tay-vayl v'shokh-nay a-retz ki-n'so-a nays ha-reem tir-u v'khit-ko-asho-far tish-ma-u

Jerusalem Inspiration

Here is an incredible lesson from the holy language of Hebrew. The word "shofar" comes from the word לשפר - l'-sha-fayr - which means "to improve." The sound of the shofar awakens us to beautify our deeds as we strive to improve ourselves.  With the close of each precious holiday, we reflect on our observance of the various laws, and, in good faith, feel confident that with love and care we have used the holiday for the improvement and betterment of ourselves. There's no better path to improvement then vigorous study of the holy Bible!

An Ancient City and its Walls

Jerusalem is amazing! This unbelievable video details the uncovering of ancient King Solomon's Jerusalem wall.

Land of Israel Day

Last week marked the anniversary of one of the most important events in the history of the Jewish people, described in the Book of Joshua (4:19), as the day the Israelites crossed the Jordan and entered Israel as a nation for the first time. It's time to make it a national holiday!

Hebrew Name Necklace

Stay connected to your biblical roots by wearing your Hebrew name proudly! Don’t know your Hebrew name? No problem! Many English names derive from Hebrew names in the Bible, and the rest have etymological or spiritual cousins in Biblical sources. Just include your English name and we’ll find the Hebrew name in the Bible that’s most closely connected to yours.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

Blowing the shofar by Ilan Rosen. Tradition teaches us that the shofar will be sounded to gather the nation to Israel.

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