Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IDF is on a Rescue Mission in Nepal ✡ "An Angel of the Lord"

An angel of the Lord is stationed around those who fear Him, and He saved them.

PSALMS (34:17)

חֹנֶה מַלְאַךְ יְ-הֹוָה סָבִיב לִירֵאָיו וַיְחַלְּצֵם

תהילים לד:יז

kho-ne ma-lakh a-do-nai sa-veev li-yi-ray-av va-y'-khal-tzaym

Today's Israel Inspiration

Israel has sent a remarkable delegation of IDF soldiers and medics to save lives in Nepal after its devastating earthquake. Here's what IDF Brig. General Yoel Strick had to say: "We have set out on a mission which symbolizes all that the IDF stands for, and we are greatly proud of this." The soldiers of the IDF are today's "angels of the Lord," renown for setting up field hospitals and rescue work throughout the world during times of natural disasters. This is the true face of Israel and its moral army.

67 Years of Bravery

With incredible historic footage of the IDF, this is Israeli heroism over the decades.

IDF Rescue Team to Nepal

Israel has sent a delegation of emergency responders to Nepal following a devastating earthquake that has killed more than 3,700 people and injured countless others.

Sterling Silver IDF Keychain

This fantastic keychain features the seal of the IDF in sterling silver. Below the shield is the Hebrew text: “Tzva Hagana L’Yisrael,” the Hebrew words for Israeli Defense Force.

Today's Israel Photo

Israeli soldiers and medics in Nepal use teamwork to set up a fully equipped field hospital. At the end of the mission, the IDF will leave all of their sophisticated, new medical equipment behind to benefit the people of Nepal.

Yesterday's Photo Trivia

Yesterday's photo by Boruch Len featured the Bania Springs in the Golan Heights, one of Israel’s wonders in the north. The spring emerges at the foot of Mount Hermon and serves as a main tributary into the Jordan River.

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