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 In the days to come, The Mount of Hashem’s House Shall stand firm above the mountains And tower above the hills; And all the nations Shall gaze on it with joy
Isaiah 2:2 (The Israel Bible™)

וְהָיָה בְּאַחֲרִית הַיָּמִים נָכוֹן יִהְיֶה הַר בֵּית־יְהוָה בְּרֹאשׁ הֶהָרִים וְנִשָּׂא מִגְּבָעוֹת וְנָהֲרוּ אֵלָיו כָּל־הַגּוֹיִם
Hear the verse in Hebrew

ve-HA-ya be-a-KHA-reet ha-ya-MEEM na-KHON a-do-NAI ye-HEE-yeh har BAYT a-do-NAI b'-ROSH he-ha-REEM ve-nee-sah mee-g'-va-OT ve-na-HA-ru ay-LAV kol ha-GOY-eem

Living in Unique Times

The book of Isaiah begins with a description of the devastation caused to Yehuda (Judea) during the Assyrian invasion of 701 BCE. Only through Hashem’s (God) kindness and mercy, and not through their own merit and strength, do the Jewish people merit to remain in the land. Our generation is so blessed to see the return of the Jews to the Land of Israel. Unique to our time is that non-Jews are also ascending to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) in the fulfillment of Isaiah's prophecy in the above verse.
Experience prophecy fulfilled
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