Thursday, November 1, 2012

Israelis rooting for Romney

Israelis rooting for Romney days before US election

Thursday, November 01, 2012 |  Ryan Jones, Israel Today magazine 

Israelis rooting for Romney days before US election 
Just days before American voters go to the polls to elect the next US president, Israelis have again voiced loud and clear that they would prefer to see the challenger, Mitt Romney, take up residence in the White House.

A survey conducted on behalf of Israel Radio found that 45 percent of Israelis would choose Romney for president, while only 29 percent would vote for the incumbent, Barack Obama.

The same poll again confirmed that Benjamin Netanyahu is likely to win Israel's upcoming election in January of next year, and many Israelis fear that mounting tensions between their leader and Obama would result in undue American pressure on the Jewish state.

Netanyahu himself has publicly voiced no preference, but the warm way he received Romney in Israel earlier this year and the chemistry between the two men was evidence enough that Netanyahu is hoping for a Romney win as much or more so than his countrymen.

Israel itself has been a major election topic between Romney and Obama, and has featured prominently in televised debates.

While Obama maintains that he has been good and fair to Israel, Romney accuses Obama of "throwing Israel under the bus" in his quest to appease the Muslim world.

Furthermore, Romney has cautioned that if Obama is re-elected, Iran will almost certainly attain nuclear weapons, and that is a message that resonates strongly with Israelis.

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