Friday, May 30, 2014

Brazilian Christians: ‘Prophetic Destiny’ With Israel

Brazilian Ana Bessa leads worship in Jerusalem.

     Brazilian Ana Bessa leads worship in Jerusalem. (CBN News)

Brazilian Christians: ‘Prophetic Destiny’ With Israel

That very thing took place recently when a group of Brazilians came to the Tower of David in Jerusalem's Old City to worship.
From late afternoon and throughout the evening, Brazilians gathered to celebrate the God of Israel.
Ana Paula Bessa led the worship. In her home country, she's led concerts with as many as a million people attending. She believes Brazil has a special destiny with Israel.
"I believe the Brazilian nation is arising to pray for the peace of Jerusalem," Bessa told CBN News.
Her husband, Gustaf, said many of their countrymen are coming to Israel for that very purpose.
"Many Brazilians from all over Brazil, they are coming to Israel in order to pray—to pray for Israel and pray for Brazil in this place, in this nation," he said.
Today, the Holy Spirit is raising up prayer warriors.
"We have a big role in this because Brazil is in revival," Ana said. "And the Holy Spirit is raising up intercession on behalf of the end times."
She believes revival is changing her nation.
"Today we have almost 40 percent of the population declaring they are born again Christians, and the churches are full," she said. "The people are open to receive Jesus even on the streets."
Brazilians bring exuberance to their worship.
"The redemptive gift of Brazil, this joy, this celebration for Jesus—and that's why we bring it to Israel because it's our redemptive gift," Gustaf said.
"We believe we have a destiny, a prophetic destiny to bless and bring the Second Coming of the Lord," Ana said.
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