Monday, February 23, 2015

Kansas May Be 1st to Ban 'Barbaric' Abortion Method

Kansas May Be 1st to Ban 'Barbaric' Abortion Method

Kansas could be the first state to outlaw a certain type of abortion commonly used during the second trimester of pregnancy.
A bill banning what's known as the "Dilation and Evacuation" procedure, commonly known as partial birth abortion, passed Friday in the Kansas Senate. 
The abortion method, which includes extracting the fetus in pieces, was described by lawmakers supporting the bill as "gruesome" and "barbaric."  
Another state senator said it's "unimaginable that such a procedure could be used by a medical practicioner."
The measure is expected to pass in the Repubican-controlled state House of Representatives then gain the signature of Gov. Sam Brownback, a strong
abortion opponent.
Similar bans on this type of abortion are being considered in Missouri and Oklahoma.

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