Friday, February 13, 2015

Construction Begins: DC Museum to Bring Bible Alive - CBN News

Museum of the Bible sketch

Construction Begins: DC Museum to Bring Bible Alive

WASHINGTON -- Washington, D.C. Is famous for its museums.  Some are dedicated to art, some to history, and a couple to air and spacecraft.  But soon the Bible will have its very own museum right in the heart of the nation’s capital.
Construction of the world’s largest Bible museum  began this week with an act of destruction, as a huge construction claw began ripping away at a building in the way of the future 430,000-square-foot structure.
The seven-story, $400,000,000 museum will tell the impact, history and narrative of the the holy book that Bible museum President Cary Summers called “the most read, most debated, most banned book in history."
CBN News recently spoke to Steve Green, the museum’s founder.
Steve Green - Museum of the Bible Founder

“Our idea and our desire is to tell the Bible story in such an engaging way that people will want to spend hours in the museum,” Green said.
Green’s family not only runs the mega-business Hobby Lobby, but also owns one of the largest collection of Bible artifacts in the world.  Most will find a home in the new museum, along with many hi-tech, innovative displays to bring God’s Word to life.  
“When we think of the word ‘museum,’ sometimes you think of old and dusty,” Green said.  “But what we will be doing is making this technologically advanced, where that it is very engaging and interactive, where that somebody could have a customized tour if they wanted to.”
The museum is set to open in 2017, just a few hundred yards from the National Mall and the most famous Smithsonian attractions, like the popular National Air and Space Museum.  

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