Thursday, February 12, 2015

Messianic Pastor: Israel Not Perfect, but Still the Chosen People

Messianic Pastor: Israel Not Perfect, but Still the Chosen People

Thursday, February 12, 2015 |  Israel Today Staff

In the March issue of Israel Today Magazine we explored the mounting wave of corruption plaguing Israel at this time, what Israelis think about it, and what can and should be done.
We also provided examples of how while this corruption is a stain on the Jewish state, it is also an opportunity for Israel to fulfill its role as a light to the nations, all of which likewise suffer from corruption, and how that opportunity is being seized with greater frequency.

As part of our investigation into this issue, Israel Today spoke with a Jerusalem-based Messianic pastor, who asked that we not use his name in publication. While there was not room for all his remarks in the magazine article, they are important as the pastor spoke strongly regarding those who would use the imperfect nature of nation of Israel to argue against the modern rebirth of the State of Israel.
His argument is as follows:
The problem of corruption is ever present in the Bible. Despite being a chosen people, the people of Israel experienced corruption.
The nation of Israel today, just as in the past, is not perfect, and does not live according to the Word of God. Nevertheless, the nation of Israel remains the chosen people and the beneficiaries of an unbreakable covenant with God and many accompanying promises. However, Israel can not fully enjoy these blessings until it stands before God clean of sin.
God returned the People of Israel to the Land of Israel not because of our purity, but rather despite our impurity and lack of repentance. (Ezekiel 36:16–32)
There are critics who say that as the chosen people, the nation of Israel must live according to the Word of God in order to enjoy His blessings. These critics insist that so long as Israel is not practicing biblical morality, they can not be the chosen people and certainly can not enjoy the blessings of God, including possession of the Land of Israel.
These arguments have a certain legitimacy. But if we use the same argument in looking at all the nations that claim to be Christian, or all the Christian Churches and Evangelical communities, we suddenly realize that God chose to dwell in and work through imperfect human vessels. If God were to wait for people perfect and without sin, then the Kingdom of Heaven would be empty.
He who would argue against Israel for failing to practice biblical morality must judge all nations by the same standard. Every person, of every nationality, race and sex is called to live according to God’s moral code, and every person has fallen short and is in need of redemption and forgiveness.
God has a plan of redemption for all mankind, [and] in this plan there is a place for the salvation of Israel as the chosen people, and for all other nations. God is implementing this plan now in Israel and the surrounding nations.
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