Thursday, February 12, 2015

"The Dust of Jacob" ✡ Why Are Jews Liberals?

Who can count the dust of Jacob or the number of a quarter of Israel?

NUMBERS (23:10)

מִי מָנָה עֲפַר יַעֲקֹב וּמִסְפָּר אֶת רֹבַע יִשְׂרָאֵל

במדבר כג:י

mee ma-na a-far ya-a-kov u-mis-par et ro-va yis-ra-ayl

Today's Israel Inspiration

As the Children of Israel encamp in the desert, the king of Moab hires Bilaam to curse them, hoping to prevent the Israelites from entering the Land. But the God of Israel prevents Bilaam from uttering anything but blessings! In today's verse, when Bilaam says "who can count the dust of Jacob," dust refers to the soil, and means "who can count the number of agricultural commandments that are performed by the Jewish people?" The Sabbatical year of rest ("Shemittah") is unique to the Land of Israel, and it brings tremendous merit and spiritual protection to Israel, just as in the times of Bilaam. Share in the blessings!

We Are Israeli Farmers

Get inspired by these amazing Israeli farmers, who exude spiritual fortitude as they lay down their tools this Shemittah (Sabbatical year).

Why Are Jews Liberals?

Catch Rabbi Tuly Weisz's Torah Portion segment on Israel radio! He discusses the question he gets all the time from Christian Zionists who just don't understand, "Why are Jews Liberals?" The answer is found in this week's Torah portion!

Star of David Necklace

This fabulous, silver-plated Star of David necklace holds a special memento from the Holy Land, a Rose of Bethlehem, a natural flower that grows amidst the harsh conditions of the Judean desert, yet blossoms again and again with only a few drops of water. For the first time, this unique flower is being offered so you can carry God's miraculous blessings close to your heart. Comes on a stylish black cord.

Today's Israel Photo

Michael Shmidt's photo of an onion farmer in the Golan Heights of northern Israel.

Thank You

Today's Scenes and Inspiration is sponsored by Mrs. Lois Ehrlich-Scharfglass in honor of Herman Tramer. Toda Raba!

“I Am Inspired and Feel Closer”

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Dear  Rabbi Tuly Wesiz! Thank your very much. I am receiving your messages and wonderful pictures, and I am so thrilled to see them. In  my childhood, my mother used to tell about Israel, and I feel a blessing to see and listen. Rabbi, we love Israel and pray for Israel! P.Sreedhar, India

Shalom, I am inspired and feel closer to God and Israel each day when I read your articles.  Enjoy it very much, may you all be blessed abundantly. Tuku from Pittsburgh, California.
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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