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The Secret Meaning Behind Queen Esther ✡ "That is Esther"

And he had brought up Hadassah, that is Esther.

ESTHER (2:7)

וַיְהִי אֹמֵן אֶת הֲדַסָּה הִיא אֶסְתֵּר

אסתר ב:ז

va-y'-hee o-mayn et ha-da-sa hee es-tayr

Jerusalem Inspiration

Esther is the name that comes to mind as the Jewish heroine of the Purim story, however, in the Megillah, we find that her given name is actually Hadassah. Why was Esther's name changed, and why has the second name gone down in fame throughout history? If we look at the meaning of the word Esther, we can see why. Esther comes from the Hebrew root se-ter, סתר which means secret.  The miracle of Purim was intertwined with the hidden hand of God 'pulling the strings' throughout the story. Esther embodied the idea of hidden and revealed, how that which is evident to the naked eye does not always represent the full story. The Master of the World is the hidden force behind every salvation, and Esther merited the role in history to orchestrate that salvation.

Purim Animated

Get ready for the holiday of Purim! This unique video tells the story of the Jewish salvation in pictures.

Read 'Intergalactic Judaism'

Rabbi David Lister's riveting book "Intergalactic Judaism", seeks to investigate and enhance our understanding of the Torah in the light of the revelations of modern science, using these discoveries as a commentary on Biblical imagery.

'Intergalactic Judaism'

'Intergalactic Judaism' analyzes biblical metaphors with the aid of modern scientific advances in space exploration, physics, biology, and astronomy. It seeks to investigate and enhance readers’ understanding of the Torah in light of the revelations of modern science.

Jerusalem Daily Photo

Jerusalem hide and seek knows no age limit, by Aaron Hyman. Purim is the holiday that celebrates both the hidden and the revealed.

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