Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christians Urged to 'Stand Firm' with Israel at CO Summit

Christians Urged to 'Stand Firm' with Israel at CO Summit

Hundreds of Christians and Messianic Jewish believers from nearly two dozen states and more than a dozen countries have gathered in Loveland, Colorado, for a Stand Firm with Israel summit.
Pastor Wayne Hilsden of Jerusalem's King of Kings Congregation and Pastor Jonathan Wiggins of Resurrection Fellowship in Loveland organized the summit amid growing concerns that Christians around the world need to stand with Israel in a time of growing danger to Jews and Christians and rapidly growing anti-Semitism, especially in Europe.
Hilsden also announced the formation of a group called FIRM, Fellowship of Israel-Related Ministries, to emphasize the biblically based importance of supporting Israel and the Jewish people.
Standing with Israel doesn't necessarily mean agreeing with every decision made by the Israeli government, Hilsden explained. But it does mean acknowledging the eternal covenant the Lord made with the Jewish people in the land with Israel.

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