Monday, February 23, 2015

When Christian leaders fall into serious sin - Charlynne Boddie (SIGN - Morris Ruddick)

When Christian leaders fall into serious sin // Charlynne Boddie // Woman to Woman

Feb. 21, 2015

Among our closest friends, Charlynne Boddie (, ranks high. Not only because of the caliber of her friendship, but because of who she is in the Lord. As a single-woman in ministry, she is wise beyond her years. Her influence within business and government circles distinguishes her calling as a modern-day Josephina-Danielle.

Her incredible track record includes serving in the Press Secretary's office of the Clinton Administration in the early 90s. Her exploits in the media, among other venues, include Hollywood, as well as a role as a columnist. She is an accomplished chef, having run her own catering business. The prophetic school she operates in the UK has drawn together an awesome community of believers (whom we have met) from diverse segments of the Church who are making incredible waves in the marketplace of their nation.

This UK YouTube interview on this popular UK radio show is worth viewing --- and then viewing again. Charlynne knows how to say a lot with few words --- and do it well. It's a message for every leader. Enjoy!
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Morris Ruddick
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Morris Ruddick

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