Friday, February 19, 2016



YOU DON’T NEED TO BE NUMBER ONE! Stand beside another and hold their arms up in the cause…and God will send you those who will stand with you.

God did not call Joseph and Daniel or Esther to be the top of the mountain as a number one- but as the indispensable number two in support. Your place may be alongside a team that is collectively going to the top. If you insist on being a solo act when you are called to support someone else you are missing out on your highest calling. Maybe later God will give you your own assignment. Right now many of us are called to help another in their mission.

There is such a tangible battle going on for the soul of nations you can feel it. The book of Revelations says that there are demons released from the pit of hell to go forth to the nations. As the lust of man and the anger of man and the strife of man intensifies it puts a demand on the infernal regions and spirits are released.

The other side of this is true also. As God's people put a demand on the realm of heaven and hunger, press in and pray, heaven is released and angels break through and disrupt the works of darkness.

The status of Sheep or Goat cities, regions, nations will be determined by the people in those places and the intercessors assigned to those places.

What does it mean that one can put a thousand to flight? It means that one genuine saint hungering for God has more influence over the environment then 1000 people putting a demand on hell! What about two praying together? They cancel 10,000 people who are unconsciously conspiring with hell.

What about 2 or more coming together as a legislative assembly? A Micro church? Like Daniel and his 3 friends? Well now you have an entity that can move into even greater authority.

God wants to activate you – a new Davidic company.

Breakthrough is happening all over. There are already those in Hollywood that are making movies and developing actors. Its happening now.

There are those who are stepping into multiple millions and billions of dollars in new markets. Its happening now.

America's political landscape is getting shaken up…keep praying till God's choice emerges. When it does let us move AS ONE!

My encouragement to you is to watch the last Periscope I did and join in the soaking prayer and get your inner man conditioned to a new level of spiritual activity.


Lance Wallnau

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