Friday, February 26, 2016

Original Bibles, the Word of God printed, from the 13th century onward! Fascinating!

King James Bible- 1611 
An original!

Original Bibles, the Word of God printed,
 from the 15th century onward! Fascinating!
On display at the NRB (National Religious Broadcasters)

From the collection of Dr. Harold Rawlings
The Rawlings Foundation in Florence, KY

Nashville, TN
Feb. 26, 2016

Geneva Bible 1599

World's Smallest Printed Book

"The Unrighteous Bible"

The Geneva "Chained" Bible - 1578

The Coverdale Bible 1553

Page from the Catholicon 
- printed by Johannes Gutenberg in 1460

The Gutenberg Bible - Germany

13th Century Latin Bible - 1200 A.D.

Dr. Harold Rawlings
Bible collection

The Rawlings Foundation
P.O. Box 908
Florence, KY 41022
859-371-3332, Ext. 240

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