Monday, February 26, 2018

Billy Graham, The Third Temple, And Purim - Breaking Israel News

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Billy Graham, The Third Temple, And Purim


Netanyahu Announces ‘Double Blessing’ of New Community South of Jerusalem

“And you shall take possession of the land and settle in it, for I have assigned the land to you to possess.” (Numbers 33:53)

Haley Slams UN Human Rights Council For Allowing Iranian Official to Give Address

“He whose heart is wise accepts commands, But he whose speech is foolish comes to grief.”
(Proverbs 10:8)


BDS Leader Invited to Speak at EU Parliament, Jewish Groups Protest

“He who testifies faithfully tells the truth, But a false witness, deceit.” (Proverbs 12:17)

Medieval Santa Claus Ring Discovered in Jezreel Valley

“A rock was brought and placed over the mouth of the den; the king sealed it with his signet and with the signet of his nobles, so that nothing might be altered concerning Daniel.” (Daniel 6:18)
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‘Trump, You Are a Great Friend of Israel,’ Netanyahu says

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu thanked US President Donald Trump for his leadership and friendship with the state of Israel, during his weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday. English subtitles are available in the video’s settings.


The Prophet Yeshayahu (Isaiah) used water as a metaphor for knowledge of the Torah (Bible). Jewish tradition explains that just as water leaves a high place and flows downwards, to does Torah knowledge flow away from those who are arrogant...

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