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The Purchase of Jerusalem ✡ "I Will Buy Them From You At A Price" - Israel365

“No, I will buy them from you at a price. I cannot sacrifice toHashem my God burnt offerings that have cost me nothing.”
So David bought the threshing floor and the oxen
for fifty shekalim of silver.

II Samuel 24:24 (The Israel Bible™)

לֹא כִּי־קָנוֹ אֶקְנֶה מֵאוֹתְךָ בִּמְחִיר וְלֹא אַעֲלֶה לַיהוָה אֱלֹהַי עֹלוֹת חִנָּם וַיִּקֶן דָּוִד אֶת־הַגֹּרֶן וְאֶת־הַבָּקָר בְּכֶסֶף שְׁקָלִים חֲמִשִּׁים
Hear the verse in Hebrew

LO kee ka-NO ek-NEH may-o-t’-KHA bim-KHEER v’-LO a-a-LEH la-do-NAI e-lo-HAI
o-LOT KHI-nam va-YI-ken da-VID et ha-GO-ren v’-et ha-ba-KAR b’-KHE-sef sh’-ka-LEEM kha-mi-SHEEM


The Purchase of Jerusalem

According to Jewish tradition, King David purchased the entire city of Yerushalayim(Jerusalem) from Aranuah the Jebusite. The threshing floor on which King David intends to offer sacrifices, is now called the Temple Mount in Yerushalayim. As this site would later becomes the location of the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple), David purchased the land publically so that the Jewish ownership of the land would be indisputable. Although Davidwas offered the site as a gift, he did not want any future generations to claim that it was stolen by the children of Israel and therefore, he insisted on paying for the land.
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“Take possession of the land and settle in it...” (Numbers 33:53)


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