Monday, February 19, 2018

US Says 'Time is Now to Act Against Iran'; Polish PM: Jews Also 'Perpetrated Holocaust'; How Israel-Hezbollah War Plays Out - World Israel News

World Israel News
‘Time is Now to Act Against Iran,’ Says US National Security Adviser
Israel Slams Polish PM for Saying Jews Also 'Perpetrated the Holocaust'
WATCH: How War Between Israel and Hezbollah Would Play Out

Netanyahu Asks Iranian Foreign Minister: 'Do You Recognize This?’Read Now

WATCH: Iranian Minister Calls Netanyahu’s Drone Display a ‘Cartoonish Circus’Watch Now

Poland Loses Israeli Tour Group Due to ‘Outrageous’ Comments on HolocaustRead Now

Florida Shooter Said He Hates Jews Because They Want to Destroy the WorldRead Now

FBI Concedes it Failed to Avert Florida School ShootingRead Now

WATCH: Jewish Roots in China Go Back CenturiesWatch Now

Abbas’ Government Sued for Illegally Wiretapping OpponentsRead Now

German Court Orders Silencing of Mosque LoudspeakersRead Now

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