Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Jews and Christians Join Together in Day of Praise for Israel's 70th - Breaking Israel News

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Jews and Christians Join Together in Day of Praise for Israel’s 70th

The ceremony took the participants from the depth of sadness over Israel's losses to the heights of joy

Russia Warns Of ‘Catastrophic’ Consequences If Israel Strikes S-300 Defense System in Syria

Moscow is thinking of sending the S-300 system to Syria after a joint US-UK-French strike against the regime over a week ago

WATCH: Two Fallen Soldiers Continue to Impact Society Through Agricultural Youth Camp

The camp helps troubled youth through therapeutic farm work

ICYMI: Mazal Tov! First Jacob’s Sheep of Season Born on Israel’s 70th Birthday

The little ewe was given the fitting name of "Golda Meir"

Selling Illusions

By Earl Cox
One front of Hamas’s “March of Return” is a war of words – to project a sympathetic brand of the Palestinians as victims in order to influence global public opinion. While the terrorist group’s young recruits dress in kaffiyehs and sling Kalashnikovs over their shoulders, its leaders in coat and tie take their cues from leftist media and Madison Avenue’s finest – with techniques author William Safire calls “the gimmicky, slick use of the communications media to play on emotions.”
By Caroline Glick
By Ronn Torossian
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