Monday, April 30, 2018

Netanyahu Welcomes Smiling US Secretary of State Pompeo to Israel; Arab Voices Urge Mideast Countries to be Like Israel - United with Israel

World Israel NewsIsrael Mourns 10 Teens Killed in Hiking Tragedy; Growing Miracles in Israel's Deserts! Columbia Students Expose Anti-Israel Bias; Palestinian Refugees Number Far Less than Reported 
Netanyahu Welcomes US Secretary of State Pompeo to Israel
Analysis: Netanyahu-Pompeo Smiles Mask Israeli Concerns Over Unclear US Policy
Arab Commentators Urge Mideast Countries to be More Like Israel
ACT FOR ISRAEL! Urge Natalie Portman to Apologize to Israel 
Israel Mourns 10 Teens Killed in Hiking Tragedy 
WATCH: Growing Miracles in Israel’s Deserts 
Classified US Report: Palestinian Refugees Number Only 30,000 
80% of Gazans Killed During Hamas-Led Riots Linked to Terror Groups 
WATCH: Columbia Students Expose Campus Bias Against Jewish Students 
Victory in Spain: Legal Action Brings Removal of Online Anti-Semitic Content 
Israeli ‘Save a Child’s Heart’ Organization Wins UN Award

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