Wednesday, October 22, 2014

'Houston Five’ Pastor Steve Riggle Makes a Bold Call

'Houston Five’ Pastor Steve Riggle Makes a Bold Call

Steve Riggle
Steve Riggle
Mayor Annise Parker may have thought she could subpoena the sermons of Houston pastors without much of a battle but the lesbian politician has opened the flood gates of resistance freedom-loving Americans from sea to shining sea.
Some are calling it extremism. Others are calling it tyranny. Others are refusing to let Parker "put us in the closet."
But Steve Riggle, senior pastor of Grace Community Church and one of the so-called "Houston Five," isn't leaving it there.
"Those we elect to lead our government are charged with stewarding the public trust. When elected officials abuse the power of their office by denying the people the basic right to vote, we must stand against that action whatever the cost," Riggle told Charisma News.
As he and other Bible-believing Christians see it, Parker and her city attorney have denied citizens of the fourth-largest city in America a right to vote yes or no.
"All citizens—on both sides of the issue—should be outraged," Riggle says. "Her blatant actions to subvert the referendum process of the Houston City Charter must not be tolerated with impunity."
Riggle is making a bold statement and a bold call:
"If her actions are allowed to continue without being investigated for violations of our voting rights, we will have failed ourselves, each other, our children, and devalued the price many have paid for our 'process' of freedom," he says. "As one of the 'Houston Five' whose sermons and any comment ever made about Mayor Parker have been subpoenaed, I call for her actions and those of the city attorney to be thoroughly investigated."

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