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Exploring the Importance of Israel in the Bible

By Tuly Weisz
After years of studying the Torah, a pattern jumped out at me, that for some reason, I had never noticed before: on nearly every page, the Bible speaks about the Land of Israel as the eternal homeland of the Jewish people.

Has the Wandering Jew Arrived?

By Phyllis Chesler
Does he so desperately need to believe that most people are, at heart, “good;” that only by hewing to this belief will he be able to work with the “good” people to stave off future genocides and to keep his sanity intact?

Walk Through Ancient Israel

Join Israeli host, Aaron Lipkin, and his friend, Zac Waller, on an amazing adventure to see where the earliest Israelites first set their feet in the Land! Watch as Aaron Lipkin and Zac Waller uncover the secrets of six footprint formations—all dated from the early Israelite period and all found in central Israel. What were they used for? Why are they all located in the Jordan Valley and eastern foothills of Samaria? Why did the ancient Hebrews go to so much trouble to build these round monuments in the shape of a footprint?
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End the False Israeli-Palestinian Parity

By Daniel Pipes
I suggest Israeli prime ministers leave “peace-processing” with Palestinian hooligans to low-ranking staff.

Comey’s Leaked Memos: Who Will Guard the Guardians?

By Alan Dershowitz
We don’t know at this point whether the Comey memos actually contained information that is classified. What we do know is that Comey’s claim that he was entitled to leak the memos because he was a “private citizen” is bogus.

Can We Make the Internet of Things Secure?

By Shoshana Bryen
This is an environment wide open to mischief, and the mischief is starting.
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