Sunday, July 16, 2017

Our niece, Pastor Kylie Groves, at Lyman Wesleyan Church - message on the sacraments, baptism, sin and grace.

Pastor Kylie Groves, my niece

Our niece, Pastor Kylie Groves, at Lyman Wesleyan Church - the sacraments, baptism, sin and grace.

July 16, 2017

This Sunday my mom Lila Parker, husband Bill Parker and I journeyed the hour and a half drive down I85 from Charlotte, North Carolina to Lyman, South Carolina (near Greenville). My niece Kylie Groves, now married to Dillon Groves, was giving the message at their new place of ministry, the Lyman Wesleyan Church. Both are now the pastors of the congregation.

Kylie did a great job with her message, as she shared truth found in the Word of God. 

Along with her two sisters (Chelsea and Jamie), she was grounded in the Word by her parents - my sister Janet Rovenstine, and her husband, my good brother-in-law, Senior Pastor Nate Rovenstine. (They lead the Connect Church in Lawrence, Kansas. Both are graduates of the Wesleyan college in Bartlesville, OK.)

It is very good and encouraging to see our family walk in the ways of the Lord Jesus, teaching and sharing the love of the Lord with those around them.

Good job Kylie! We are proud of you and Dillon. Keep up the great, eternal work of sharing the faith that is so needed in our day. Your generation and mine need to hear you stand strong for righteousness and truth, with courage and boldness.

Be blessed in your blessing others,

Uncle Steve Martin
Love for His People, Inc.

P.S. And I hope you enjoy the three books I gave you! Sorry I misspelled your name Dillon when I signed them. I also have a grand daughter named Dylan Joy.

Pastor Kylie Groves - teaching the Word of God!

  Front: Bill and Lila Parker (my mom)
Pastors Dillon and Kylie Groves

 Family gathering (L-R): Bill and Lila Parker, Janet Rovenstine, my sister (one of five), who is a great pastor's wife, plus a full-time teacher in the Lawrence Public School system, 
Kylie Groves (my niece) and me (Steve Martin)

Be blessed in your blessing!

Yes! Celebrate our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Banner in the Sunday school room.

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Pastor Kylie - church light bulb outreach.

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