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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

A word received...of encouragement.

Prophetic Word to Steve Martin
From Mordecai Porter

Aug. 11, 2019
Fort Mill, SC

I am grateful for the words of encouragement the Lord speaks to us, whether through His Written Word (logos) or the prophetic word.

Thank You, Lord, for the ones who are faithful to hear and then speak what You want to share. I for one truly appreciate the prophetic gifts You give to men, and the ones who share them.

This was given to me on Sunday, Aug. 11, 2019 before the morning service at Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina. I share it to encourage others who believe too.

“When I opened your book (“Be Encouraged”, published July 2019) you showed me you had written 22 books. The Lord said the 25th book would be the book that is going to surprise people. It will be more about Israel than it is now.

This trip to Israel (Sept. 24 – Oct. 4, 2019) will be different than any other time. Your eyes will be opened even wider than they have been before. Signs and wonders will be coming, and they will be coming to you, and other people that are surrounding you. Expect things to happen, but don’t expect things to happen the way you got it planned. You have plans but I have My plans. Just obtain what you hear from Me. The ones that are with you will hear a contradiction of different things. I will speak to you loud and clear. Make sure the directions I send you are where you are supposed to go.

This is a new trip for you, but as many times as you come back that your eyes will be opened and your eyes will be opened more.

I hear the number 12. That you are going to help 12 different people make aliyah. You will have 12 individuals that you will be involved in for that to happen.

Also, some of the other people who are going with you their eyes are going to be opened about Israel in a different way.

Remember one thing. I have opened the door for you to go to Israel more times than you can even imagine. On your next trip you will invite someone who will go. They won’t have enough money to go but whatever they have they are going to give to you and you are going to support the rest of it.
Just remember I have chosen you. You. Not only anybody else but you to do certain tasks. No one can do this task no matter what they say.

This is from the Lord. The prophet standing in front of you has been praying for you for a long while. He’s just decided to now to speak to you to release to you what he has to say.

Before you go to Israel there will be more words spoken over you and spoken over the people that are going with you. You are a guide in one way, but you are a mentor in another. You are a mentor to the one standing in front of you. You have spoken a lot into his life and he really trusted you, so speak into his life no matter what is right or wrong."

I believe. Thank You, Jesus (Yeshua) for Mordecai and his gifts.

Steve Martin

Love For His People ministry
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

"BE BOLD for What You Stand for and Discerning About What You Fall for" - Lance Wallnau THE ELIJAH LIST

"BE BOLD for What You Stand for and Discerning About What You Fall for"

Lance Wallnau  THE ELIJAH LIST Aug 13, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:
Steve Shultz
     This is a VERY, VERY important word by prophet and church leader, Lance Wallnau.
     God has opened the door of "kings and queens" to Lance, but I notice that he just keeps sowing and sowing back into the Body of Christ.
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The Elijah List & Breaking Christian News
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"BE BOLD for What You Stand for
and Discerning About What You Fall for"

The Shaking Will Continue
A prophetic word is coming to the Church. I am wrestling with it now. Here is what I am hearing...

The Lord is allowing the nation to feel the tremor of shaking to let it know that its foundations are eroding under its feet. God gave us a divine reprieve from judgment when He intervened in our last election. A reprieve is a delay of a sentence.
Is God speaking in this shaking? Our we being reminded that the hour of divine mercy, under the era of Trump's presidency, is dependent on a response to this mercy? If that response does not become manifest, should we not be concerned that time is running out?
Trump's enemies have become so focused and energized, and his defenders so intimidated and silenced, that one can only wonder if 2020 can be won. It is at best a 50-50 proposition.
Many Believers anticipated a different result in the mid-terms, a "red wave." I didn't. I said, "We are a house divided," and that is what this will look like. I was correct. We are operating as a nation under a reprieve and that suspension of judgment is not subject to our election cycle. The point is—we do not know how long this mercy will last.

I am hearing God say that this shaking will continue. It will multiply in intensity and will produce an increasing desire for stability and a cry for sanity, but the storm will only increase. 
As in the Days of Jonah
It is as the days of Jonah. The servant of God was on the ship, hiding out as it were, and he was going in the wrong direction. Jonah was not only subject to the great storm, but he was the object of the great storm. One comment to this post (on Facebook) said, "God so loved the world, not just America." True, but as America goes, so goes the world. We are the one power holding other powers in a temporary check. (Photo via Wikipedia)
We keep open the sea lanes for global trade and keep China from gobbling up the Asian Pacific Rim. We hold Iran back from its stated agenda of wiping Israel off the map. We hold back North Korea. That is why all Hell is focused on the United States. 
Those on this boat today will continue to seek to blame and explain what is happening. They will blame this group and that group. They will continue to "cry out to their gods" and for many of them, it is a political messiah they seek. 
You will not be exempt. 
Running From Your Assignment?
There will be increased hostility against the people of God. It will continue to find its way into the discourse of your enemies, and they will say you are the problem. We will become controversial and driven by our hiding. And indeed Jonah was part of the problem, but not in the way they thought. 
Can't You Talk Louder, God?
The storm grew because Jonah was not doing what he was called to do. 
He was called to preach and speak and warn the people of Nineveh. But rather than cooperate, he was running from his real assignment and trying to avoid his responsibility. Like so many preachers who are building their audience and expanding their reach to enlarge their own house, we are going in the wrong direction in a time of national crisis.
The truth about Jonah is that he did not like the people of Nineveh. He felt they deserved God's judgment. He did not want to be among them. 
God, on the other hand, wanted to see Nineveh spared judgment—but that would not happen without a word of judgment and the engagement of His people.
Jonah Was Cast out of the Ship 
For too long the Church and many name-recognized ministries have been focused on their own business. They say that they are doing what God called them to do, but in truth, they are self-absorbed. And when I say "they" I include myself in this examination. We have tried to ignore the storm and avoid stormy topics. We have been building our house while God's project, the nation, His House, is coming apart.
That is about to change. We're not going to fit in so comfortably in the days ahead. The time of courting the approval of the world will soon end. They will no longer be cordial with us. They will cast us out of the ship. 

And that is when we will wrestle our way into the repentance necessary to deliver the word we are called to give. Indeed, the wrestling has already begun. There is no doubt, people are praying. When God's people cry out, God answers by sending a messenger.

I know not what big fish God is preparing, but I do know the fish is a picture for the place we end up as we come to terms with obeying God. And miraculously, the fish will position you to enter Nineveh.

The storm is real, the reprieve is real, mercy wants to avoid judgment, and this moment is as the days of Jonah. 
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Lance Wallnau
Lance Learning Group 
Dr. Lance Wallnau is an internationally recognized speaker, business, and political strategist. He is one of the premiere speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and the seven mountains. He currently directs the Lance Learning Group, a strategic teaching and consulting company based in Dallas, Texas with affiliate offices opening up in Europe and the Philippines. USA Today reports that he is one of only three evangelical leaders to have accurately predicted Donald Trump's Presidency. Dr. Wallnau's best-selling book, "Gods Chaos Candidate" is credited as being the catalyst that mobilized thousands of Christian's to vote for Donald Trump and contributed to Trump's unprecedented election victory. He believes that unprecedented economic, political, and social shaking will create extraordinary opportunities for leaders willing to climb to the top of their mountain, leverage the platform God has given them, and advance Kingdom interests.
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Thursday, July 25, 2019

A Prophetic Word for the Older Stars in God's Kingdom by Bill Yount IDENTITY NETWORK

A Prophetic Word for the Older Stars in God's Kingdom by Bill Yount

A Prophetic Word for the Older Stars in God's Kingdom by Bill Yount

Ebook PDF Download
By Derek Prince
Price: $14.99
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Click HERE to order.

I sense the Lord saying, "The older stars in My kingdom are going to shine brighter and do greater exploits than ever before!" I sense there is a special anointing coming upon older men and women in the body of Christ. God is not through using you. Your age is not against you, it is for you. Job 12:12 says, "Wisdom is with the elderly, and understanding comes with long life." You have more wisdom now than ever. With years comes understanding.
This anointing is going to cause you to live longer. Many of you have not planned to live long enough. It will be an anointing similar to Caleb when he reached 85 years. He said to the Lord, "I am as strong now as when I was 40, and I want to take another mountain!" There is coming a "spiritual fountain of youth" into your midst, a renewing, a release of God's strength. Psalm 68:28a says, "Your God has commanded your strength." God is commanding His strength into you! The God's Word Translation says, "Your God has decided you will be strong!"
Why Many of You Will Have to Live Longer
Many of you are going to have to live longer because God is not through using you. Many of you are going to go into a second "childhood" in the Spirit. You will be reactivated by God to live out the dreams you are only dreaming about right now. People and relatives will laugh and say, "You are going to do what? You are going to go where? At your age?" But that anointing is going to rise up within you to take mountains, to do exploits, to run and not be weary, to walk and not faint (Isaiah 40:31).
Our older years are when we are in our prime to be used and bring forth fruit. Psalm 91:16 says, "With long life I will satisfy [you] and show [you] My salvation." There is an anointing coming upon God's people to live longer. The joy of the Lord, which is our strength, is lengthening our days upon the earth.
Many have made out their wills, but before you think about leaving, check out your Father's will for you. I don't think you are going anywhere for a while. As Abraham and Sarah conceived in old age, you are about to conceive and live to see your Isaac ... your impossible dream!
Remember, "too old" is not in the Bible.
Bill Yount

Saturday, July 13, 2019

"The Lord is Handing Out Scrolls for America" - Larry Sparks THE ELIJAH LIST

"The Lord is Handing Out Scrolls for America"

Larry Sparks  THE ELIJAH LIST Jul 12, 2019

From the Desk of Steve Shultz:
Steve Shultz
I received a lot of revelation as I read through Larry Spark's recent article... especially HOW I should be praying right now over America and the nations. You will too!
I encourage you to thoroughly read this very insightful article as you'll receive some very practical steps on how to "pray responsively" in what the Lord is doing across the globe!
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Steve Shultz, Founder and Publisher
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While in Branson, MO, praying with the amazing community at Morningside Church as they dedicated their new Prayer Mountain Chapel, the Lord gave me a vision. I believe this vision has everything to do with an assignment He is extending to prophets, intercessors and, well, everyone—on how to effectively pray for the United States of America. (Note: I love all nations, so I'm convinced that within this message is a strategy to pray for other nations too.)
Ask for the Lord's Translation
In the vision, I simply saw the hand of the Lord reaching out to prophets and intercessors, giving them rolled-up scrolls on behalf of their cities and states. Anytime we have supernatural experiences, visions or dreams, we cannot be content with simply indulging the supernatural imagery without contending for an explanation.
The high benchmark of the prophetic ministry is not, and I repeat, NOT how supernatural or spiritual our prophetic words, visions, dreams, and experiences sound. When we receive messages from Heaven they will always come in a slightly "coded" manner. There will be this veil around them, not because God is making things difficult for us, but rather He's inviting you and me into dynamic communication with Him as friends and intimates. He wants you and me to ask Him for the translation—and He is faithful to provide it!
The veil of mystery surrounding prophetic messages from Heaven cannot motivate us to immediately indulge our "push button" society, where we jump out and simply share the word as is, in its uninterpreted, strongly-symbolic or allegorical format. Certainly not. Instead, when we believe that we receive a prophetic message from Heaven, we need to first present it back to the Lord and ask Him for clarity on what it means.
What Were the Rolled-Up Scrolls?
When I asked the Lord what those scrolls were, He told me they were the scrolls for cities and states in the USA. What was written in these scrolls represented God's will and intended purposes for our cities and states; they carried what God wanted for the United States of America. (Photo via Larry Sparks)
Reactive Prayers: Cleaning up Messes Made by the Devil
We cannot pray reactively, we must pray responsively. Reactive prayers sound like we are constantly trying to clean up messes made by the devil. By nature, we are reacting to the very real and present darkness around us. I refuse to pretend away the darkness in our land in favor of a pie-in-the-sky, end-times scenario.
Isaiah 60 gives us a stunning parallel of what to expect in this hour: gross and deep darkness colliding with a people upon whom God arises and shines with superior glory. And that glory is not meant to be contained, but rather have a measurable impact on a society gripped by darkness. Jesus did say we are the salt of the earth and light of the world, which means our presence in the earth should transform things around us.
Responsive Prayers: Responding to What's Written in God's Scrolls
Responsive prayers are not born on Earth; they were birthed in Heaven. They are not motivated by what we "scroll" through on our news-feeds everyday, but rather, they are driven by what's written in God's scrolls for our cities, states and nations.
Can't You Talk Louder, God?
The ultimate question should not be what is the devil doing? The question is what is God saying? The truth is, we will pray prayers that are driven by one or the other. We can pray based on what the enemy is doing in our nation—with such prayers sounding frantic, hopeless and full of despair—OR, we can be very alert and in tune with the darkness, while praying superior prayers not driven by what darkness is doing, but are rather influenced by the word and purposes of the Lord.
How to Pray Responsively
Here are some very practical "next steps" on how to pray responsively to what the Lord is doing right now:
1. Refuse to allow darkness and the devil to influence your prayer life. Practically speaking, this means you watch the news but don't pray it. You track world events but don't pray the problems. You don't agree with the darkness. Be very aware of what's going on in the earth, but refuse to partner with the enemy's agenda.
2. Ask the Lord, "What do YOU SAY about my city, state and nation?" The news often tells us what the enemy is saying concerning our nations. This is why the scroll imagery, I think, is so important, especially considering the day and age we live in. We're constantly scrolling through news stories and headlines, being influenced by what we are reading. No doubt many prayers have been crafted based on what our eyes have come across while reading the most recent, horrific news headline. Let's shift things. Let's be very aware of what's going on in the earth, but perhaps more aware of what the Lord wants to do in our cities, states and nations.
3. Specifically ask the Lord for the scroll of your city and state. This is not some mystical thing; it's a matter of the Lord unveiling to you what He wants to do in the place where you live. More than what we see in the news, we want to see what's written in Heaven come to pass in the places where we live. (Photo via Unsplash)
4. Research the prophetic history of your city/state.Often, the unfinished work of the Lord can be discovered by acquainting ourselves with the prophetic history of our cities and states.
Recently, I was overwhelmed by the Lord's presence as He told me things like, "I remember Frank Bartleman. I remember William Seymour. I remember John Wimber. I remember Aimee Semple McPherson." This was all in respect to California, which many tend to write off as perhaps the darkest state in the USA. And yet, there are powerful, spiritual seeds still in the ground. The Lord remembers these seeds and I believe His work is yet unfinished in California. Likewise, it's unfinished in your city and state!
5. Practically ask: "How can I get involved in what God is doing?" Yes, we pray, but oftentimes in prayer, the Lord wants to share prophetic solutions and strategies that demand our engagement. He will tell us to do something so that His will can be released into the earth through you. Of course He is the sovereign God and can do things Himself, but He is looking for agents in the earth realm who He can commission and deploy into every sphere that's been influenced by darkness.
Let's receive what the Lord is handing out to us so we can effectively pray for our cities, states and nations! (To Subscribe to the Elijah List subscribe here.)
Larry Sparks, MDiv
Equip Culture

Larry Sparks is a prophetic author, speaker, and lecturer on revival. He presently serves as publisher for Destiny Image (, a Spirit-filled publishing house pioneered by Don Nori Sr. in 1983 with a mandate to publish the prophets. Larry is fueled by a vision to help the Church community create space for the Holy Spirit to move in freedom, power and revival fire, providing every Believer with an opportunity to have a life-changing encounter in the Presence of God. In addition, Larry is a regular contributor to Charisma Magazine, he conducts seminars on revival, hosts regional Renewing South Florida gatherings, and has been featured on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural, TBN, CBN, the ElijahList, and Cornerstone TV. He is author of Breakthrough Faith, The Fire That Never Sleeps with Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick, compiler of Ask for the Rain, and co-author of Arise with Patricia King. He earned a Master of Divinity from Regent University and enjoys life in Texas with his beautiful wife and beloved daughter.
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Sunday, May 19, 2019

"Baby is being birthed" - Prophetic word at Antioch Intl. Church - Steve Martin

"Baby is being birthed" 
- Prophetic word at Antioch Intl. Church, Fort Mill, SC
Steve Martin
May 19, 2019

Published on May 19, 2019

"Baby is being birthed" - Prophetic word at Antioch Intl. Church - Steve Martin Recorded by Maynard Porter on Sunday, May 19, 2019 at the 10 am gathering Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin - to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc.

Monday, March 25, 2019

"Walls of Protection & Restoration" - prophetic word, Chuck Smith - Now Think On This by Steve Martin

Walls of Protection and Restoration
Steve Martin

“But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each one for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. But one and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:7-11, NKJV)

Giving thanks to the Lord is a good thing, as it brings us into His presence. This helps us to acknowledge that all that we receive, all the good that flows from His heart, is out of His love, daily demonstrated through His grace and mercy continually extended to us.

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are part of that expression of His love, given to His people, believers in Jesus (Yeshua). These supernatural acts, shared among those who have accepted and walk in these gifts, are to build up, edify, and give growth to His Body here on earth.

One specific gift is that of prophecy. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, quoted above, this is one of those manifestations of the Spirit given for the profit of all. Having myself received and given prophetic words, I truly appreciate this wonderful gift the Lord has for us who believe.

Those with this gift, sharing it among individuals and congregations, bring the Rhema word of the Lord among us today. Coupled with that already written in the Scriptures, not adding or subtracting to the eternal Word but further explaining the current move and actions of God Almighty, through Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, we indeed are built up, encouraged, and given strength to pursue the Lord and His kingdom further.

We can be truly grateful for the men and women whom the Lord has raised up, through years of training and discipline, as they express that gift within them. Among the congregation of Antioch International Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina, Chuck Smith is a seasoned prophet and speaks the Word of the Lord with accurate and inspiring confidence.

On Sunday, March 24, 2019, he brought forth this word, which I thankfully share with you now, paraphrased. You can hear the exact recording below.

"Jesus wants us to know the season that we are in. He is building the right wall and tearing down the wrong wall. He is removing walls that have been erected. We have got to allow those walls to come down. Walls of unforgiveness, anger, and despair. Let them fall. 

He is building around us walls of protection so we can grow into the call of God that He has for you. But you have got to come into the protective wall to be safe from outside harm. 
Walls have been built by people who have left, and they carried something in their heart that shouldn't be there. The Lord says there is going to be reunion in the coming days as He comes against those walls that don't belong, that shouldn't be erected. He is taking those down.

Forgiveness will bring about the reunion and a reuniting because the Lord says He has to have the right people together in the right for such a time as this, for there is going to be breakthrough in the heavenly realm, there is going to be supernatural ministry released out of this area. 

The Lord says I have to bring back together a specific group of people. Watch as the Lord brings down these walls, in Jesus' Name, and sets up the right wall." 

In one of my previous Now Think On This messages, which I wrote on March 9, 2019, entitled Pieces of the Puzzle, the Lord was also expressing His desire to bring back people together, to put in place each and every one of us, for His end-time purposes.

Listen to this recording of Chuck’s word, and be encouraged. Read also the words of Pieces of the Puzzle, and ask the Lord how He wants you to respond. You will be glad you do.

Shalom and ahava (peace and love in Hebrew).

Now think on this,

Steve Martin

Love For His People, Inc.

P.S. And again, thank you very much, Chuck Smith, for your life, the gift you share, and walking in faith and obedience! You bring much encouragement to a lot of us!

YouTube Published on Mar 25, 2019

"Walls of Protection & Restoration" - prophetic word, Chuck Smith, Antioch International Church March 24, 2019 Videos filmed and shared by Steve Martin - to give appreciation to and love for those we support, through Love For His People, Inc. Category Travel & Events

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Now Think On This #402 - in the year of our Lord 03.25.19 – “Walls of Protection & Restoration” – Monday, 7:30 am