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Is the Western Wall Crying? Water Flows from the Ancient Stones - Breaking Israel News

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Is the Western Wall Crying?
Water Flows from the Ancient Stones

‘Resistance Through Photography’:
A Holocaust Story Exhibit

Special Features of the Israel Bible

The Israel Bible includes many unique and special features to heighten your Bible study experience. One of these fantastic features is the Hebrew letter chart. This chart will introduce you to and teach you the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. With some practice, you will be able to read the verses from the Bible in their original Hebrew. Moreover, many of the verses in the Bible are transliterated to help you read along in Hebrew! In comparison to other editions of the Bible, the Israel Bible will help and teach you what you need to know to get to the original Biblical text. Check it out for yourself!
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WATCH: The Real Definition of ‘Fake News’

ICYMI: Divine Retribution Strikes Iran as Temperatures Soar in Endless Heat Wave

Peace Process

By Ira Sharkansky
What these worthies do not grasp is that there already is peace. It ain’t perfect, but it’s close to the best that’s possible.
Trump’s War on the Big Boss of Fake News
By Daniel Greenfield
By Earl Cox
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