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Totally New View of Israel's Most Popular Destination ✡ "And King David Was Old" - ISRAEL365

And King David was old and advanced in years, and they covered him with clothes, but he was not warmed.

I KINGS (1:1)

וְהַמֶּלֶךְ דָּוִד זָקֵן בָּא בַּיָּמִים וַיְכַסֻּהוּ בַּבְּגָדִים וְלֹא יִחַם לוֹ

מלכים א א:א

v'-ha-me-lekh da-vid za-kayn ba ba-ya-meem va-y'-kha-su-hu ba-b'-ga-deem v'-lo yi-kham lo

Today's Israel Inspiration

In the Bible there are three who are described as "old and advanced in years" - Abraham, Joshua and David. All their days were filled with righteousness and old age was their crown of glory. King David ruled over Israel until his last days, but he did not age without suffering. His body became cold and could not be warmed. Today, Colel Chabad, Israel's oldest continuous charity since 1788, helps widows and orphans and desperate seniors with winter warmth. As a major winter storm hits Israel this week, help to deliver emergency aid -- blankets, groceries, heaters, hot meals and medicine -- to elderly shut-ins and anyone at risk.

Israeli Mayors Give High Praise to Colel Chabad

This inspiring video takes you to all corners of Israel, where food packages and support make their way to the homes of Israel's neediest.

Hundreds of Life-Saving Home Heaters Delivered to Israel’s Most Destitute

Colel Chabad has begun its annual delivery of hundreds of space heaters and hot meals to destitute Israelis. But the poverty stricken cannot afford to run the heaters, even if they have them.

Olive Wood Pendants

These fabulous olive wood pendant necklaces with the Star of David come in two sizes, small and large. Both sizes have a flat olive wood base, in all of the wood’s striking, unique coloring, and have a pewter Star of David appended to the front to adorn it. The pendants come with a leather cord, a strong way of hanging a bold pendant around one’s neck.

Israel Photo Trivia

Tell us the name of this hugely popular Israel destination! We've rarely seen it photographed from such an impressive angle and amidst desert blooms. Email me or post your answer on Facebook.

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Simple Englishman, but love your page. Thanks, Peter Bayliss

Hello from Wisconsin, USA.  I enjoy your e-mail and all the news given there.  Makes us feel closer to the Holy Land.  Praying God's goodness and mercy over your wonderful land, and people. Juel & Marie Knutson
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