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"I Adorned You with Ornaments" ✡ A Visit to the Jerusalem Art Fair - ISRAEL365

And I adorned you with ornaments, and I put braceletson your hands and a necklace on your neck.

EZEKIEL (16:11)

וָאֶעְדֵּךְ עֶדִי וָאֶתְּנָה צְמִידִים עַל יָדַיִךְ וְרָבִיד עַל גְּרוֹנֵךְ

יחזקאל טז:יא

va-e-daykh e-dee va-et-na tz'-mee-deem al ya-dai-yikh v'-ra-veed al g'-ro-naykh

Today's Israel Inspiration

Listen to this beautiful insight into today's verse from Rashi, a 13th c. Torah commentator. He says that the jewelry is a metaphor for God's commandments: "I adorned you with the adornment of the words of the Torah, written on the two stone tablets." The Hebrew word for bracelets צְמִידִים comes from צמד, tze-med which means to join, as in "I joined one commandment opposite the other, five on each side of the tablet." Now you can proudly wear and enjoy the earthly jewelry of the Land of Israel. These artistic pieces are engraved with Hebrew prayers that add spiritual depth and connectedness.

A Visit to the Jerusalem
Art Fair

Step into a cultural gem in Jerusalem, where each Friday, 150 Israeli artists display their creativity and inventiveness on Bezalel Street.

Luz Bone: The Seed of Resurrection

Resurrection of the dead is a religious tenet that may soon become scientific fact. The question is who will get there first: God or scientists?

New Music CD: "Experience Israeli and Jewish Culture:
The Shuk"

The Shuk is an Israeli music group that crosses genres and styles to bring listeners a taste of Jewish and Israeli culture across the spectrum. The title of their album “Experience Israeli and Jewish Culture” really says it all: this is a selection of songs that will make listeners familiar with Jewish and Israeli music that crosses the globe, transcends time and defies cultural boundaries. With selections in Hebrew and English from the traditional tunes of the prayer service, covers of contemporary Israeli and Jewish composers, and exotic Sephardic and Eastern blends, the 12 tracks will bring listeners an hour of true listening pleasure.

Today's Israel Photo

Uri Baruch's captured this colorful scene of a ceramic stall at the Bezalel Street Fair, a fantastic art festival held on Fridays in Jerusalem.

Yesterday's Photo Trivia

Thanks to everyone who responded to yesterday's photo trivia! Wasn't that a stunning view of Masada?! 

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“Thank You for Enlightening Us About Israel”

It’s great to hear from so many of you - stay in touch and let us know where in the world you are enjoying Israel365!

I live in Ulysses, Kansas, in the far SW corner of the state. I love learning more about Israel, and seeing the beautiful photographs on here! I love Israel! I love her people! I love her (our) God! Thank you for sharing with us!- Janet Damon

I so enjoy your site, some of them are just not long enough. Thank you for enlightening us about Israel. We stand with Israel. God's Holy Land and God's Promised Land. God is my #1 priority in 2016, He always is.- Nancy Shipley
Rabbi Tuly Weisz
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